Former VP Mike Pence … In or Out?


Former Vice President Mike Pence delivered his second speech since leaving office in January. While speaking at a Republican event in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire on Thursday, Pence commended President Trump’s accomplishments and castigated the Biden administration’s first months of office.


“I think what President Trump showed us was what Republicans can accomplish when our leaders stand firm on conservative principles and don’t back down,” he expressed. “It’s exactly what he did for four years and under President Trump and our administration it was four years of consequence, four years of results. It was four years of promises made and promises kept.”



Pence touted the Trump administration’s many successes and went as far as to compare the 45th president to Ronald Reagan. “President Reagan articulated an agenda that he never took credit for because it was an American agenda,” he explained. “He said people say I am a great communicator. He said I am not a great communicator, I just communicate great things. President Donald Trump did the same.”


The former Vice President then shifted the focus of the speech by slamming modern progressives and Joe Biden’s agenda. “It is past time for America to discard the left-wing myth of racism,” he asserted. “America is not a racist country.”


Pence compared the priorities of the two administrations highlighting Trump’s tax cuts, investment in law enforcement and relocation of the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He then went on to criticize Biden’s unnecessary spending, poor relations in the Middle East and stance on the Second Amendment.


On a personal note, I always liked Mike Pence and I thought his even tempered chillness evened out Trump’s sometimes roughness, but his “unfollowing” President Trump on twitter demonstrated his disloyalty, and that is a dealbreaker. Also, many believe Pence’s petty bitch move was the final straw that got Trump (permanently) kicked off twitter.



The next time around (assuming there will be one), Trump will be a lot less naive when it comes to choosing truly loyal members of his administration. Everyone is talking DeSantis (Gov'r of FL), but I would love to see a Trump/(Josh)Hawley ticket. However, I should add that I’m not entirely even sure I want Trump to run. The selfish side to me would love it, but for HIS sake, I would like to see him enjoy his life.  He’s been kicked in the balls enough.