Underwood Didn’t Want to be Perceived as an Angry Black Woman



On Monday, The Talk aired its first new show since Sharon Osbourne's exit from the show following a heated exchange with Sheryl Underwood regarding race last month. This was Underwood’s moment. She milked the victim routine for the entire hour as she told viewers she felt she had been experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder since the ordeal. "We need to process the events of that day and what's happened since so we can get to the healing," Underwood said (with a straight face) at the top of the episode. "Over the next hour, we will honestly discuss what occurred and explore some of our feelings, and we will also show you how anyone can become more comfortable with discussing important issues and having difficult conversations."


Fellow co-hosts Carrie Ann Inaba, Amanda Kloots and Elaine Welteroth spoke candidly with an “expert” on diversity, equity, inclusion and justice, Dr. Donald E. Grant, and some trauma therapist and “life coach”, Dr. Anita Phillips. The special guests led the hour-long discussion about how to have respectful conversations about sensitive topics and heal when lines are crossed (by white people). For her part, Underwood said, "I feel like I want to get past this because I really wanted to get back to work with my friends and my colleagues and the crew … but I also wanted to get back to the audience".



Speaking on the emotionally charged episode, Underwood said she had to make a conscious effort to try to remain calm during the verbal altercation, during which Osbourne was justifiably upset about being branded a racist for defending friend Piers Morgan, also accused of being racist simply because he accused Meghan Markle of lying about her negative experiences with the royal family.


Initially, during the episode in question, Osbourne tweeted an apology and claimed to have apologized to Underwood as well, but Underwood lied, claiming that she never received a personal apology, prompting Osbourne to produce receipts (screenshots) clearly showing unanswered messages. During Monday’s show, Underwood admitted that she did receive the texts, but cited the network’s ongoing internal investigation as her reason for not responding.