The Oscars According to Piers



Add Piers Morgan to the long list of Oscar viewers who weren’t happy with the display at the 93rd Academy Awards on Sunday. The deliciously snarky Brit who also writes op-eds for The Daily Mail, blasted the ceremony as a "howlingly dull trainwreck" and admonished Hollywood’s so called A-listers (or lack thereof) for preaching to the world during acceptance speeches.


"The Oscars arrivals ceremony, which I've covered many times, is usually the glitziest, most glamorous and star-studded collection of human beings amassed on Planet Earth," Morgan wrote. "I didn't even recognize most of the small number of "stars" who tottered down the shortened rug – 'carpet' seems an excessive description given its diminutive size – let alone care about the platitudes they spewed," he continued, adding of the talent roster, "In fact, I've seen more famous people at my annual Christmas pub drinks party."


This year, the ceremony spectacle took place at Union Station in the derelict downtown area of Los Angeles, CA. Morgan then made mention of Ricky Gervais, who trolled the Academy Awards ahead of the show after roasting Hollywood at the 2020 Golden Globes when he was the host. "Yes Ricky, it was ... you made us laugh our spleens out by being gloriously inappropriate and irreverent, but that is now a crime in liberal-fascist woke-ravaged America punishable by cancellation from all future awards shows," penned Morgan.


However, Morgan didn’t stop there.  "There were no big musical, theatrical or comedy performances to warm our covid-deflated hearts," the former "Good Morning Britain" host fumed. "There wasn't even an orchestra, for God's sake.". Morgan went on to side with declining viewership numbers and wrote in his column that viewers were "treated to a breathtakingly boring procession of self-indulgent heavily scripted actors delivering supremely virtuous identity-politics speeches." "We weren't even shown clips from most of this year's offerings, an extraordinary decision that I can only assume was based on the producers' fear that if we saw them, we'd be even more bemused they were winning Oscars."


According to Variety, the ratings plummeted to a record low on Sunday evening, which is a 58.3%, 13.75 million viewer drop-off from last year. In addition, the show earned a mere 1.9 rating among the key demographic of adults age 18-49.



On a personal note; I grew up with the Oscars. The annual ceremony was a sign that Spring had arrived, and it was a rare opportunity to see all the A-list stars in all their glory.  We've somehow gone from Elizabeth Taylor to the irrelevant former black child star from 227. But the truth is, the phony self-congratulatory “award show” in general suddenly seems so cheesy and dated.  The Academy Awards lost it’s luster when Joan Rivers died, and then offically died when the industry was hijacked by the PC movement and began handing out Oscars based on skin color, rather than merit. Can anyone even name last year’s “best picture”? Me either.