Marjorie Taylor Greene: The Rep. House Newest Rock Star







Marjorie Taylor Greene has released the full footage of her encounter with the MSNBC (or as she calls it, MSDNC) scumbags, so that when the network inevitably chops it up, she will have receipts of her full remarks. 


The video shows the right's newest rock star, Rep. Greene (R-GA), speaking to reporters in front of the Capitol Building in Washington. One ditzy snowflake reporter asks, "Can you tell me about why you think it is so important to ask Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a debate, and she says she feels threatened by it?  "She feels threatened to be able to discuss the policy of the Green New Deal, is that what she's saying?" Greene asks?  "No, the manner in which you present it", the reporter says (indicating that AOC takes issue with Greene personally).



"Since I have been a member of Congress I have been kicked off of my committees by the Democrats when there were no ethics violations against me ... not one ... because I did nothing wrong," Greene said. She then recounted an incident in which Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) walked by Greene screaming at her "to put on a mask." Greene spoke about another incident where the delegate from the US territory of Guam marched the National Guard to her Congressional office. "I had over 30 National Guard marched by my office by the delegate of Guam. Thank God I wasn't in there," Greene said. Greene said that Rep. Marie Newman "shoulder-checked" her on inside the Capitol Building and refused to acknowledge her.  Rep. Eric Swalwell, she said, took issue with one of her staffers, "getting in his face, cursing at him," for pointing out that he doesn't have to wear a mask anymore per guidance from the president and the CDC.


"The Democrats are the party of aggression and violence," she said, pointing out anti-Semites Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib's support for Hamas terrorists over US ally Israel. "They're supporting the terrorists, as well as supporting Antifa militants and BLM rioters", she added.


"And then I get harassed by the press every single day ... about January 6, and I've said the entire time, literally, starting on that day, during the riot, how much I'm upset by it, how much I'm against, and how appalled I am by it. I was a victim of it as well", said Greene.  


"If we want to talk about assault, if we want to talk about aggressive behavior, you need to be interviewing the Democrats, and AOC should be able to debate her policy. The American people, she said,  want to know what's in the Green New Deal, and she feels that it's proponents should be able to get out there and explain it, debate it, and be held accountable for its plans.


Greene suggested that the reporters ask House Speaker Nancy Pelosi why she denied National Guard troops to be on hand for Jan. 6. Green said there's nothing wrong with her asking questions and pushing for debate, that this is her job as a congresswoman. 


She was asked about comments she had allegedly made in Florida over the weekend, where she is accused of saying that Joe Biden is not the president, but that Donald Trump is. "That is not what I said... I said Donald Trump is my president. He is my favorite president, I think he is the greatest president this country has had. Yes, Joe Biden is the president, he lives in the White House."


Greene said that she "has a lot of questions about the election," and that "there's nothing wrong with asking questions about the election." She brought up the fake Russia-collusion conspiracy, saying that media was all over that.


The reporter insisted on trying to get Greene to say that the election was stolen (which it was), but Greene didn't take the bait, instead saying that there's nothing wrong with "taking a look and satisfying the people who want to know."