Why He Leave he Ask Behind? Just Axing




An unidentified man largely succeeded in destroying (one of) the George Floyd shrines in one of the country's dirtiest liberal run cesspools, Minneapolis, MN.


Somewhere around 2:00 AM on Tuesday,  the man drove up to the "memorial" site, about a block from where violent career criminal and drug addict George Floyd, got himself killed (by an overzealous cop).  As the video shows, he pulled up in his pickup truck, got out and began "dismantling" the eyesore.


He began by tearing down removing the cardboard domestic terrorist organization (black Lives Matter) signs, and then continued on to the square's shed.  Realizing that taking down the mother load was going to require more than jus this bare hands, he went back to his truck to retrieve an ax (not to be confused with "ask"). After taking several whacks at the monstrosity, local crack heads, street walkers, and homeless people began yelling at him to "GTFOH!". He wisely bolted, but evidently forgot his ax, or is that 'ask'?  I get so confused.  


The square's Instagram account has posted a reaction to the man's tirade, sharing a photo of the shed fully intact with the simple caption, "We fine" (which just about sums up the Minneapolis public school system).


No  police report has yet been filed for the incident.  Apparently, they still have a few police in Minneapo'lice.  Who knew?