Potomac's Green Eyed Bandit Really Stepped In It



Real Housewives of Potomac stars Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon are getting called out on Twitter over uncouth remarks they made about NBA baller James Harden. 


The two reality TV personalities are facing criticism after clips from a recent episode of their Reasonably Shady podcast surfaced online, in which Gizelle called the NBA player's beard, "the most disgusting thing she's ever seen.", but she didn't stop there.  "Do the Sixers really know that's James Harden because no one can see his face.", as RHOP costar, Roben Dixon giggles in the background.


Gizelle goes on, "That beard is like down to his knees," adding, "there's fried chicken in the beard!".  Robyn then joins in saying, "His beard is horrible!".  The two then continue to rant against bearded black men.  "I know in my gut there's fried chicken in their beards, fried chicken grease," Gizelle says, before Robyn pipes in, laughingly adding, "Watermelon!" while laughingly questioning if they're being racist.  Um, that would be a yes ... even for a cracker like me!


Of course, it only took moments for Twitter to explode over the remarks, as black so-called "historians" slammed the two women for weaponizing a racist stereotype white people allegedly used against black Americans during the "Reconstruction Era" when newly-freed slaves cultivated watermelon and sold fried chicken to advance financially.


The two didn't stop there, though. They added that "some blunts" and "Colt 45" was also in Harden's beard, too, once again tapping on racist stereotypes. This is no where near the first time Gizelle has been called out for "colorism", with reports of online criticism dating back two or more years. Some have called for Gizelle to exit the TV show all together.  I guess  we'll see if the same rules apply to bi-racial women.