Ryan Vieth Has a Lot on his Mind!


They grow up so fast.  It seems like just yesterday when we watched 17 yr. old Ryan Vieth ply with alcohol and seduce one of his mother's hot co-stars.  But Ryan is all grown up now, and the always outspoken elder son of former Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge has a lot on his mind. Most likely provoked by the current border crises facing our country at the southern border (and lack of leadership from a spineless and mentally incompetent President), the never ending bombardment and phony support for the domestic terrorist organization BLM, the left’s absurd denial of Antifa’s existence, Ryan felt compelled to get a few things off his chiseled chest, via his Instagram Stories.


Ryan has a litany of grievances, and predictably, he has once again offended the loons’ delicate sensibilities; however this time (perhaps for our added enjoyment), Ryan has managed to trigger several groups.  



Do you agree or disagree with Ryan's rant?  Sound off below!