Shannon Beador Wins Countersuit Against Jim Bellino



Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador has finally received the $137,000 owed to her in a countersuit judgement against Jim Bellino, the ex-husband of former RHOC star, Alexis Bellino. The lien which Beador placed on Bellino's $4 million San Juan Capistrano mansion has been released; proof that the debt has been paid in full.  A whack job judge dropped the charges that Bellino made against Beador, and ordered him to pay her $137K in legal expenses. But let's back up. 


Way back in 2019, Shannon and former RHOC co-star Tamra Judge drunkedly appeared on Heather McDonald's podcast special with a rather raucous LIVE audience.  On the show, the ladies discussed a variety of topics, and the conversation shifted to the Bellinos.  Seemingly out of nowhere, Judge began trashing the Bellinos' and their business (they own a Sky Zone Trampoline Park franchise).  She called their divorce a sham, and then really stepped in it when she falsely claimed that his trampoline business had left customers paralyzed after visiting, AND that “he’s going to jail.” 


Bellino sued Judge and Beador, asking the court to award him over $1 million in damages. Beador and Judge denied all allegations of wrongdoing. Beador said the statements she made on the show were either true or her opinion. She argued her remarks did not defame Jim or ruin any of his business deals.  The judge agreed with Beador and dismissed all claims against her, hence the massive judgment for her attorney fees. Judge faces off with Bellino in court later this year.


Beador is also dealing with a separate lawsuit with her former divorce lawyer, accusing him of "misrepresentation" in her divorce against David Beador, which awarded her a measly $1.4M. Shannon believes her lawyer didn't investigate the true value of her ex husband's business and had her agree to a low ball offer. She is seeking unspecified damages from her former attorney. who has yet to file a response to the allegations.



I was listening to Heather McDonald's podcast on that fateful day, and remember being shocked at Judge and Beador's mean-spirited and unprovoked attack on the Bellinos, and I knew right then that they were in deep doo doo. It was particularly odd considering that Alexis had already left the show several seasons before.  Beador even  commented that she had only met Alexis Bellino once (in passing).  So it's seems terribly unfair that a loony judge would rule in her favor.