Lisa Vanderpump Falsely Accuses Kelly Leventhal of "Dining and Dashing"!




I have always loved a Real Housewife crossover and this a juicy one!  It seems that during an upcoming episode of Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa is playing a (lame) game of Truth or Dare with dinner guests Jeff Lewis and Tori Spelling, and tells them the Real Housewifes of OC star Kelly "Leventhal" (formally Dodd) is banned from her restaurants.  But let's start at the beginning. 

Apparently Lisa is referring to an allegation made by one of her (many) disgruntled wait staff at PUMP who took to Twitter accusing Kelly of skipping out on playing a $232.17 bill back in 2016.  At the time, Kelly denied the accusation and provided receipts, LITERALLY, a small detail that Lisa was either unaware of, or intentionally omitted.  I'm going with the latter).

It's unclear how Kelly got wind of the situation, but I'm guessing Jeff's radio show, Jeff Lewis Live! on SIRIUS (XM) probably has something to do with it. (UPDATE:  Sister channel Bravo ran a sneak peek of the entire episode).  Kelly wasted no time firing back in typical Kelly fashion, calling Lisa a well known liar and added that her food sucks; citing these as the reasons why she is no longer on RHOBH and why Villa Blanca closed, respectively. To her credit, Lisa (uncharacteristically) apologized for the misunderstanding, adding that she would like to host Kelly, whatever that means.

A lot has been said about Kelly Leventhal, but skipping out on paying a restaurant/bar bill,  known as "dining and dashing", is a serious accusation and illegal (in most states), so you really can't blame her for getting steamed over this one.  The irony is, few people would have ever heard about this controversy had Kelly not brought attention to it, bacause last week's episode brought in a dismal 169K viewers and came in #106th, which has to be some kind of record (and not in a good way).  No disrespect to Hanky or Panky, but Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump could very well be Lisa's swan song.