Bethenny Frankel:  "I'm Happy Just the Way I Am"


While watching and commenting on Sunday's hijacked Superbowl, Bethenny Frankel took to Twitter to respond to those who have bee bashing her lately about the way she's aging. 


"My favorite is people telling me that I've aged & that I don't look how I used to...Ummm yeah, i doing it wrong? Are we not all aging?". Even if I filter myself & get plastic surgery I assume I'm still getting older not younger right," the tweet continued. "Or am I bad at math & science?".



This wasn't the first time The Real Housewives of New York City alum has gotten real about aging and the double standard that women are subjected to in our culture.  Just last December, Bethenny shared an unfiltered selfie on Instagram with a lengthy note about self-love and plastic surgery. "When we need a wake up, no makeup selfie…#nofilter," the caption began. "I'll post these for you periodically to remind you that no makeup and natural is as real as we can be.".


Bethenny continued, "I haven't seen any surgery or products that can compete with a good night's sleep. There may come a day that I'll ask you if it's time to get some work done, but for today I'm happy just the way I am. #thisisme." .


Perhaps Bethenny's old pal, Ramona Singer, 65, can give her some tips on keeping young, because whatever she's doing, it's working.