Melissa Denies "Charging" Jennifer



Things are finally heating up on what has been a slow season on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  In the latest episode multiple fights went down, one even becoming physical.


Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin have been feuding since last season and it came to a head this week as the cast hung out at the Jersey Shore. Margaret is stirring the pot by trying to get Louie (Teresa's new boyfriend) to explain the weird video of him on some "men's empowerment retreat". An over-protective Teresa is throwing fits that anyone would dare question her man and is accusing Margaret of trying to burst her love bubble. Meanwhile, Jennifer couldn’t help but get involved and tried to make it about her, chastising Marge for exposing the (10 yr. old) secret that her husband, Dr. Bill, cheated on her with some pharmaceutical sales ho'.


Enter Melissa, who reminded Jennifer that she was digging for dirt on the debunked rumor from last season that Jackie's husband, Evan, was cheating. Mind you, if Jennifer was smart, she would have kept her new nose and chin out of it, but she didn't and things quickly got ugly. Jennifer then dragged Joe Gorga into it; referring to him as “little b**ch girl and a crook". Whoa ... huh? As anyone who has ever been to Joizy knows, them is some fightin' words. The only thing worse would be being called a "rat" (God I miss Mob Wives). Melissa then jumps out of her seat and charges Jennifer. Hands and arms start flailing and production pulls them apart.


Flash ahead to Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live. During one of his tedious polls, Andy Cohen scolded Melissa for “charging” Jennifer. Gimme' a freaking break; as if he hasn't been encouraging this kind of behavior since the Real Housewives series began.  However, as if we are not supposed to believe our own eyes, Melissa denies it, telling her boss, “I wasn’t really charging her. She wasn’t listening to me.”. Then the playful vibe on the show turned momentarily awkward, as a visibly annoyed Cohen asserts that Melissa’s behavior “wasn’t good.”. Again, who is this bitch trying to fool?  Melissa replies, “Was it good that she put her hands on me, though? People get fired around here for that.". BTW, Joe Gorga was there as well, and jumps in with “When you talk about her husband, she’ll slice you.”.