Below Deck:  Mediterranean S6 Wraps


Below Deck: Mediterranean season six (finally) concluded last night followed by a hokey half-assed “reunion” zoom session on What What Happens Live. I lost interest in this season early on, but hung on just to see Lexapro fired. After that, it became what I like to call “background noise”. Following a completely dismal season of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht (that I didn’t even finish), I’ve come to the conclusion that as usual, Bravo has run a once good thing into the ground, or in this case under water. This isn’t to say that I won’t tune in for the new Below Deck season (the original franchise) premiering next Monday, but the season trailer isn’t giving me much hope. It’s not so much that the concept is stale; it’s really more a matter of just boring predictability, and terrible casting.


Right out of the gate, I knew this reunion was going to be a waste of time when we saw that Lexapro wasn’t present. For me, this would be like Kunty not showing up for the RHOBH reunion. So to compensate, Andy Cohen did his best to stir the pot with the usual phony provocative tweets. Apparently after being asked why Chef Mathew Shea was so unhappy with Sandy, Mathew posted a since-deleted tweet, “It had a lot to do with @CaptSandyYawn calling me a pussy and telling me to go f–k myself. #leadership.”.   Sorry Matt, but no argument there. Then in another tweet, Mathew detailed the incident, writing, “She did, in front of other crew. Totally uncalled for in any work place. Especially as the Boss.”. Sandy simply replied with a side-eye emoji when a social media user questioned why Mathew was upset when the captain was more than fair toward him.


Sandy previously told Us Weekly that she wasn’t sure whether she would let Mathew go after his success in the galley. “Would I have let Mathew go. Yes. Could I have? I had no choice. We were quarantine. We had a bubble to get a chef to go through tests. Testing is, like, two weeks then eight-day quarantine. It’s impossible.”. Following Mathew’s injury and several dramatic nights out, Sandy still felt like he had something to offer.


On the reunion, Andy asked Sandy if she would work with Mathew again. While the entire cast enthusiastically raised their hands, Sandy hemmed and hawed and then resorted to her usual “I don’t see everything, but when I watched it, I was mortified”. Eventually Cohen was able to get out of her, “I’d rather say hang with the devil, you know, than the devil you don’t know. But Mathew did a great job. Setting aside personalities again, I was not at their dinners out. I heard he poked the bear a lot and I watched it, but he did a great job in the galley … also, no guests ever complained. When the guests complain, that’s when you see me in the galley. But ultimately I have to be able to trust people”. At that point, Mathew calls Sandy a phony and the worst captain he’s ever worked for.



As for Mathew’s behavior off the boat, Sandy pointed out that no one was telling her what was going on. “I stay out of the galley. Who complained? Have you seen one guest complain about his food? So why would I fire Matthew?” the Florida native told Us in September.


During the season, before her firing, former stew Lexi and Mathew really went at it, and at one point, she told the chef that his parents should have aborted him. The shocking argument led to Lexi leaving the boat, but Sandy explained that her previous support for the stew came from no one else approaching her with their issues. “No one was giving me facts. You know, like, I didn’t have any facts. I just heard it’s bad. It’s real bad. That’s not [enough for me]. Write it out. Write a report, send it to me,” she shared with Us. “They learn the minute they step on this boat, we go through all the legalities. But I never got that information, if they would’ve told me the facts, of course, I would’ve let her go sooner, but I never got them.”.


Andy revisited a few of the other boring story lines like Lloyd’s panic attacks over his coming out, some sort of secret hook up between Malaria and whoever, David’s non-existent sex life, Katie’s total ineptitude as a chief stew, and who gives better lap dances, Courtney or Zzzzz?   Insert a Captain Sandy YAWN here.