Haven't We Seen This Somewhere Before?


Since this first season of Real Housewives:  Ultimate Girl's Trip began, Ramona Singer has felt like Kenya Moore had it out for her.  That's partly true, but of course what Ramona is leaving out, is that she started it, and not only with Kenya, but other cast members as well.


Right out of the chute, Singer and Moore got off on the wrong foot when Ramona called Kenya a bitch on the plane on their way to Turks & Cacos, and then unintentionally? called Kenya "Porsha".  Fans know that Kenya and her costar on Real Housewives of Atlanta have been arch enemies from the get go, so Ramona could not have picked a worse woman to "confuse" Kenya with. 

However, after the first night, the two seemed to patch things up.


The problem for Ramona was that she then irritated and annoyed the hell out of everyone else by, well ... just for being "Ramona"; from demanding the best room, to holding everyone up for dinner, and excursions and just about everything else. 


Things finally came to a head when Kenya organized a day excursion on a yacht cruiser (at least this one wasn't a pontoon boat, so Kenya is making progress).   On the boat, Kenya has come up with a game called "Who Said That?", where someone reads a card that has something that one of the women said on their respective show.  The first one was something that Luann had said to Ramona about Lu's ex, Tom Augustino, which prompts Mona to tell Kyle (loudly) that Lu slept with Tom on the night they met AND that she "fucks everyone".



So Lu gets in Ramona's face and says "What did you say?", but Ramona only double downs and repeats it.  So now the entire group is joining in and yelling at Ramona for being so "like uncool".  Ramona then begins to backpedal, telling the (now screaming) group that she's "a girl's girl and actually admires Lu's sexual freedom", to which Kenya laughingly replies "What a crock of shit!".  Ramona then simply replies "Fuck you".  Kyle tries to muzzle Ramona, but it's too late and Kenya is now threatening to "throw her ass off the boat".  As Ramona cowers in Kyle's arms (doing to her best to portray Kenya as a towering angry black woman), Kenya  says "Oh now this bitch is gonna play the victim".  Kenya starts pointing her finger in Ramona's face and then takes her cup of water and throws it IN Ramona's face. 



Ramona's aversion to being splashed and images of Kristen Taekman dousing Ramona with water at the spa and then again from the lake in the Hamptons (Season 6), but also of Kenya throwing Shamea off the pontoon boat and aggressively pulling Kim Fields chair away from her flash in my mind, and suddenly I realize that what we are seeing here is life imitating art.


The other women escort Kenya away as Ramona (and Kyle) try to compose themselves.  In their various talking heads, no one condones Kenya's deplorable behavior, including herself, who hilariously tells us that "on her own show, she always remains calm". 


In the "after dark" scene that follows each episode, Kyle tells us “Does Ramona sometimes offend people, YES ... Is she sometimes rude to others, YES ... does she make her laugh, YES! ... and I can always forgive people who make me laugh".