Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Won’t Speak to White Reporters



Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is being sued by a white reporter. On Thursday, the Daily Caller’s Thomas Catenacci said he requested an interview with her multiple times, but she ignored him because of his race.


The journalist argued Lightfoot violated his First Amendment and 14th Amendment rights. This came days after Lightfoot was grilled at a press conference for her controversial pledge to only grant one-on-one interviews to black and brown reporters.


“The fact that the City Hall Press Corps is overwhelming white has very little in the way of diversity…it is an embarrassment, “she stated. “We are a city that is almost three-quarters people of color… I believe that the City Hall Press Corps needs to reflect the diversity of our city.”Catenacci said he “looks forward to holding her accountable” and pointed out that it’s “blatantly discriminatory” to prevent journalist from doing their jobs based on their race. It all calls into question, what happened to freedom of the press?


You know this country has gone to hell in a handbasket when garbage like Lightfoot and Deblasio can remain Mayors of the USA's two largest cities.  Until they are removed, the people of these liberal run cesspools deserve what they get.