Black Woman + Angry = Angry Black Woman



All the women are gathered at Luann’s Sag Harbor home. Following a little male objectifying disguised as an “art lesson” and some lunch, things got heated when black Ebony K. Nobody defended fake TV friend, Lea, for her non-stop juvenile talk about sex (and we all know what they say about people who can’t stop talking about sex). True to form, Lea calls each of the women whores and storms out. Ebony then angrily defends Lea, schooling the White ladies on "sexual expression" and then seizes the opportunity let the group know that SHE has the most education. Hostess Lu takes umbrage with this because she was once an LPN, and she and Ramona then do their gaslighting best, telling Ebony to calm down and stop being so “angry”. Ebony volunteers to leave and Lu takes her up on it, basically telling her to not let the door hit her where the good Lord split her.



Ebony returns to Ramona’s home and then flat out lies by telling Lea that the old privileged white women (namely Lu) called her an “angry black woman”. Ebony IS black, and she WAS angry, so in my book that makes her an “angry black woman”. Basic math.  But regardless, it seems that term is yet another trigger for Ebony. Duly noted. Predictably, Lea’s reaction is fake and ridiculous and calls Lu a dumb bitch


The other ladies return to Ramona’s, and "friend of" (no one), Heather Holla Thompson decides that she will be the mediator between Lu and Ebony, because she is a “woke” white person.  But we already knew that because she uses the term “holla”. Heather tries to explain to silly Lu that white people simply aren't allowed to use the adjective angry when it pertains to black people.  Lea doesn’t like that Heather is stealing her airtime  PC empathy for the plight of the black person, and Ebony deems Heather is not quite quite “woke” enough.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike these two self-righteous itches?


All the woman take turns telling us that this is a difficult conversation that we MUST have, so they all agree to sit down and hash it out. After some coaxing, Lu sees see the ways of her wicked deeds, and offers a (production ordered) half baked apology to Ebony, but demands an apology in return. But Ebony doesn’t think she needs to apologize for anything, and informs us that asking for an apology from a black person is infringing on their right to self-expression and propagates the “angry black woman” stereotype . . . so no apology for Lu. Could this chick be any more annoying? Eboni is “wore out chile” from all the drama and decides to order herself some  chitterlings and collard greens comfort food, rather than eating with the clueless white people, and as a viewer, I am thankful.



The next day, the ladies go to the beach where Ramona has planned a day of surf fishing. Everyone (except for Lea) dons a pair of waders and casts their lures into the surf as Sonja hits on the old fat fishing instructor. Lea is upset that her grandmother is dying, but apparently not upset enough to stop filming and go visit her on her deathbed. Lu and Ebony make a pact to “move forward”, and Eboni tells Sonja that she has hired a matchmaker to find her a man. They then all sit down to a winter picnic on the beach. BTW, I couldn't help but to catch Heather's "Is everyone voting (by mail) early"?  Uh huh. 



The ladies have to get back to Ramona’s to start getting dressed for a 1970’s themed beauty pageant. While getting all glammed up, Lea has another poorly acted breakdown about her grandmother, and never one to be upped, Ebony mentions that she too has a dying grandmother. Lea’s sorrow turns to rage when Ebony rats out Heather for expressing her concern over Lea’s decision to sit out the 2020 election (seems she doesn’t like Trump or Biden). Per the script, Leah and Heather then have a bitchfight. Lea screams at Heather from the second floor balcony, saying that her “white feminism" is precisely the problem, and then calls her a "Karen" (which makes no sense at all). Lea adds that Heather doesn’t need to be part of every conversation.



They all pile into the limo to head for the dumb beauty pageant, but Lea starts screaming that she will not ride in the same limo as Heather. Heather says, “Oh, relax bitch.” and Lea throws her flowers at her storms out of the limo.  I'm thinking this explains Heather's recent accusations of "assault" while filming. 


In the preview for next week, we learn that Lea left Ramona’s early to presumably go visit her dying grandmother, and Ebony invites everyone to her home for an election party (I wasn’t aware she had a home). Sole Republican Ramona wisely decides to take a pass.