Bravo Is Blaming OG Ramona Singer for RHONY's Plummeting Ratings


Radar Online is reporting that Real Housewives of New York City star, Ramona Singer, will not be asked back to the once popular reality series after insiders revealed that producers thought she was "too expensive".


Just days before Radar broke the story, Ramona went to social media and pled for her fans to throw their support her way "I need yor support!" wrote the Conservative 64 year old  reality star. 


As fans know, Ramona has been on the show since it debuted in 2008, which is reportedly part of the problem. Over the weekend, the RHONY star responded to a concerned fan who commented she was having a hard time watching season 13 but didn't point the finger at Ramona. "You look absolutely gorgeous Ramona, but I'm really struggling to keep watching RHONY.  Leah's rudeness is beyond acceptable and Ebony's preaching is also off the scale", the person wrote. "Andy Cohen needs to wake up, and stop peddling his political beliefs via his 'housewives' franchise," they continued. That is when Ramona spoke up, giving a clue that her job might be on the chopping block.


Responding to her follower, Ramona begged, "Please keep watching I've been doing the show for 13 years and I need your support!".  As of this post, Ramona has continued to respond to fans but has said nothing more about producers decided to axe her from the show. While she was begging her fans for support, she was also flaunting her lavish lifestyle by posting endless photos of her fabulous weekend partying on a yacht and celebrating her friend's birthday at a mega-mansion.


Radar is reporting that Ramona is out next season for a variety of reasons; one of them being she's too expensive. “The only original New York cast member who has never left from day one is Ramona Singer but now her time is up”, a source told ROL.  “Ramona will not be invited back to the next season of the show, which is currently not in production for a couple of reasons. One, she is too expensive. She is the only lady that has been on the show from day one, (Countess LuAnn was demoted to ‘a friend’ before returning as a full-time cast member) and her salary reflects it," our insider reveals.Sources also tell Radar that "Ramona is furious" about the show changing directions.


Ratings for RHONY plummeted last season, and legions of fans vowed to stop watching if Leah McSweeney returned.  Also, Eboni K. Nobody is not resonating with the viewers.  The "source" is reporting that Bravo is seriously considering rebooting the franchise by replacing the entre cast. Let the "Conservative cleansing" begin.