Privileged White Ladies Can Be Victims Too!



The episode begins with Kyle and Garcelle’s big showdown. In case you missed it, last season, newbie Garcelle stupidly thought it would be a good idea to make Kween Kyle her nemesis, first by telling Andy Cohen on WWHL that Kyle was the least welcoming to her, and then in her non-stop bitchy talking heads, commenting on everything from Kyle’s personality to her tacky wardrobe. She then even tried to publicly humiliate her as she was on the stage accepting some dumb award.


However, as perplexed as the rest of us, Kyle remained silent, that is until the reunion when she told the world that deadbeat Garcelle “raised her paddle” to contribute to her charity, but never followed through with the cash. Garcelle then committed the cardinal sin of “unfollowing” Kyle on SM. Flash ahead to the new season.



Perhaps following Lisa Rinna’s ass kissing lead, Kyle extends and olive branch to Garcelle by asking her to lunch (to hopefully patch things up). They meet up at some cute bistro in the Valley (outside of course). Although Kyle wants to find out why Garcelle came for her the season before, she really just wants to “move forward”. Garcelle (wisely) agrees, but not before playing the victim (as well as the race card). She prefaces the following question with how Kyle’s “attack” cut her to her core, of course ignoring the fact that she started shit with Kyle first. “Would you have asked that of one of the white women?”, Garcelle asked. Kyle is completely thrown, but answers yes, more or less letting her know that Garcelle’s skin pigment had nothing to do with it.


We are then subjected to the first virtuous lesson on racism of the episode. Garcelle blackplains to Kyle that there are stereotypes? about black people not paying their bills and not tipping, so no one is allowed to call out black people on their shit. Kyle then let’s us know (twice) that Garcelle HAS since paid, and insults everyone’s intelligence by saying it was a “communication error”. Who knew black people are forced to navigate through life in a world full of such race-related landmines?



Lisa has planned a trip for the ladies to Lake Tahoe, and they hop on a private jet shuttle plane to enjoy a few days at a 17 bedroom AirBnB estate right on the lake, complete with a sports bar, movie theater, indoor pool, and hot tub.


We are spared the proverbial housewife complaining about the accommodations and fighting over rooms, but Dorit does take issue with having to carry her own (20) bags up two flights of stairs. Speaking of stairs, the owner of the estate has informed them that bears have a tendency to enter the home on the ground level, so no one is keen on staying on a first floor bedroom and Garcelle is quick to point out that “black women don’t do bears!” (apparently White women do). I’m really hoping that at some point during the season, Garcelle has that chip on her black shoulders removed, because her constant references to her ethnicity is becoming very tiresome.



The ladies have been assigned a personal chef, but for some reason, Kyle wants to slave (no offense Garcelle) in the kitchen. She prepares “blackened” salmon (literally) for the ladies, and they all rave; even Garcelle whom I was sure would take umbrage with the term “blackened” fish. However, Erika does hilariously point out in her talking head that that “blackened” doesn’t mean BURNED.  Speaking of Kunty, I'm not sure what is going on with those brows.



After dinner, the ladies all head to the lower level bar for after dinner drinks. After an extraordinary amount of awkward small talk, they call it a night. Before retiring, Garcelle wonders into Lisa’s room to set her straight on their reconciliation. It seems Sutton told Garcelle that Lisa believes she and Garcelle are “fine and have moved forward”, but Garcelle wants Lisa to know that she is not over it by a long shot. But instead of telling Garcelle to F off and go join RHOA, we get more of Rinna’s ass kissing.


Meanwhile, Kyle, Sutton, and Crystal have decided that they aren’t quite ready to call it a night yet, and decide to have a little kiki … and a few more drinks. Immediately, Kyle begins filling the ladies in on she and Garcelle’s come to Jesus moment. Not surprisingly, Sutton is sympathetic to Kyle’s side, despite her own new formed (tv) friendship with Garcelle. But Crystal isn’t letting Kyle off that easy. She says “Yes, you didn’t mean anything by it, but as a person of color who has had to endure remarks that played on racial stereotypes inadvertently, it’s still a hurtful and difficult experience.”  It seems Crystal has also led a horrible life, also having been the victim of racism and bigotry.



Crystal then turns her attention to Sutton, but Sutton ain’t having it. “No, we’re not doing that. I’m not talking about racial stereotypes,” says Sutton. Crystal responds by saying, “Well, it’s easy for you not to.”. Sutton then draws a parallel to what Garcelle and Crystal have allegedly experienced by adding that she too has been a victim of stereotyping … “redneck” stereotyping!


As ridiculous and rather annoying as these crap is, I am very curious to see where this goes next week. As the season preview indicates, this conversation is just the tip of the iceberg for Sutton and Crystal.