From Dutiful Wife to Bootyful Vixen



Porsha Stewart joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta during its fifth season, 2012-13. During her freshman season, Porsha portrayed herself as the dutiful wife of former NFL player Kordell Stewart and granddaughter of civil rights activist Hosea Williams. It is believed that Reverend Hosea Williams rabble roused organized marches with Martin Luther King, Jr. (back in the day when civil rights protesting were legitimate causes), so it was all the more disturbing that at 32, Porsha famously revealed that she thought the “Underground Railroad” was an actual train.



By season 6 of RHOA, the Stewart’s marriage was on the rocks. Porsha claimed that she only learned that Kordell had filed for divorce when she found herself locked out of their home in the wee hours of the night. Although allegedly broke and homeless, by mid season, Porsha was the new proud owner of a 6000 sq. ft. $1.15 million dollar mansion in Duluth, GA, more than 30 miles outside Atlanta proper. The new digs not only shocked fans, but costar NeNe Leakes as well, who was completely unaware that the newly divorced now Porsha “Williams” had moved into her exclusive neighborhood.  Apparently, "dating" African Princes has its perks.



On the hit reality show, the newly divorced Porsha began besmirching her ex husband’s character by claiming that Kordell was never sexually attracted to her; “I put on my lingerie, I worked out, I kept my body up and I felt like, hey what’s going on?” said Williams. Shortly thereafter, a crude video surfaced of what appeared to be Kordell engaging in lewd acts with his then “transvestite” lover in a public bathroom. The entire story was later debunked.



Williams began switching up her style and tweaking ruining her look. For the season 6 reunion, Porsha arrived in a revealing dress with her new ginormous assets on full display. Host Andy Cohen commented, "Something looks different about you”, as Porsha responded, "You like them?”. It was during this reunion that Porsha Williams famously physically assaulted fellow cast member Kenya Moore by knocking her to the floor and dragging her by her (natural) hair. Moore pressed charges, but later dropped them.




Speaking on her breast augmentation, Williams told Glamour that she always felt that her “athletic build” needed a more “feminine touch”. In 2016, in what many feel was Williams’ attempt to remove her African American features from her face, Williams underwent liquid rhinoplasty, boasting that the procedure cost $5000. Along with her boob and nose job, Williams then began getting Botox, but chose to stop because like The Weeknd, she could no longer feel her face. The Dish Nation co-host’s physical enhancements soon became her main topic of conversation, and now questions about her booty began to rise. On Watch What Happens Live, the boss of all “housewives”asked Porsha if she had any work done on her butt, but in true annoying Porsha fashion, she stood up, and while twerking said “That’s Georgia meat baby, all natural”.



In 2019, the barely recognizable Porsha Williams gave birth to daughter Pilar Jhena, with Atlanta’s self-titled “hot dog king”, serial cheater, and alleged woman abuser, coke head, and alleged fan of bestiality, Dennis McKinley. The couple have since separated. The bisexual reality star recently opened up about her postpartum body on Instagram; “The snap back culture has put pressure on moms who feel insecure about what their body’s do naturally”, and maintains that her looks are HER choice.




The current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta features the bisexual (and politically challenged) reality star’s new found wokeness about “social injustice”, including her arrests for rioting with the domestic terrorist organization BLM/Antifa. Subsequently, ratings for RHOA have dropped to an all time low.