Jennifer Aydin Continues Slut-Shaming Margaret Josephs on Twitter!


As fans of the The Real Housewives of New Jersey know, Margaret Josephs recently shared details of her sordid past with her ghost writer and then again in an “intimate” moment with the girls (and a few million viewers). At the time, it seemed like Margaret had the girl’s support and sympathy, but little did she know that this information would be used against her.


During the most recent episode, Jen and Marge got into it when Jen blurted out that Marge’s husband Joe in fact heard and spoke about Jackie’s hubby Evan’s alleged infidelity. In retaliation, Marge called Jen a sloppy drunk, and Jen wasted no time in pulling up Marge’s past discretions (of sleeping with the boss) from her Rolodex of hate.


The housewives often speak about the arduous task of revisiting old beefs as being one of the worst parts of the gig (especially when the beef was supposedly squashed), and clearly this is one of those times.