President Trump Won 7 ‘Biden States’ According to Intel Analyst


Election analyst Seth Keshel discovered at least 8.1 million fraudulent votes nationwide cast for Joe Biden last November. On Monday, Keshel explained how he compared purported election results with voter registration data and demographic trends.


The Intelligence analyst went on to claim the numbers in many states and counties didn’t add up. Keshel said his research has shown Trump apparently won in seven swing states including Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada.


“You have people showing up in a drive through voting lane with 15 IDs and here come 15 ballots. Same guy fills all ballots out,” he explained. “…You have these massive unexplainable gains that conflict with your other trends across the nation.”.


On a personal note, I have known in my gut since (s)election night, that Donald Trump won a second term, and it wasn’t even close. There was NO enthusiasm for Jim Crow Joe, zero, nada, zilch. So fuck you Cynthia Bailey, domestic terrorist Po'Shit Williams and the rest of the stupid liberal bitches of RHONY and RHOBH and their phony enthusiasm for this illegitimate POTUS. Kunty of all people should be ashamed of herself for supporting a man clearly in the midst of serious cognitive (and physical) decline.