How Much Longer Can This Go On?


On Thursday, Biden announced another major escalation by the US in the ongoing proxy war with Russia, saying that his administration puppet masters will now begin seizing Russian assets as they look to increase pressure on Putin to comply with the West’s demands.  According to Biden, the feds will begin seizing assets such as “boats and luxury homes” that are located in the US, in addition to what he calls “other be-gotten gains.” (I assume he means "ill-gotten"). 


During the announcement, Biden (tried to) clarify his remarks as we are all accustomed to seeing; with a garble of nonsensical noises that is equally lacking in clarity as it is in substance.  “Putin’s klepston-cra-no-uh … Yeah .. ... kel ... Kleptocracy … the guys who are the kleptocracy,” Biden stammered as he attempted to provide the reasoning, eventually letting out a creepy laugh. 


Painful!  Someone get this man an Ambien and a vanilla ice cream cone already. If Biden’s handlers caregivers are going to prop him up behind the podium, they best be sure to cut down on the use of big fancy words in his teleprompter script, especially ones like "kleptocracy", a.k.a. “a government whose corrupt leaders (kleptocrats) use political power to appropriate the wealth of the people” – which is a perfect descriptor for his own family’s business empire.  This past the point of embarrassing. This is a major announcement to confront a nuclear superpower that’s currently waging a war in Europe, after all. Get it together.


While it’s true that Russian elites have likely accumulated their massive fortunes through “ill-gotten gains,” It’s worth pointing out that, Biden’s financials aren’t those of a squeaky clean saint. In fact, they’re far from it. His crackhead son Hunter has even picked up millions in cash from Russia.


If we can hold the Russians accountable, then the Biden Crime Family shouldn’t be too far behind. But we no longer live in a serious country, and we definitely aren’t governed by serious people.  So the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. Let’s just hope this geriatric puppet doesn’t drag the US into nuclear armageddon before that happens.