Dr. Oz for Senator!



On Thursday, “Dr. Oz” spoke at a private lunch in New York. The television doctor is garnering support for his Senate run in Pennsylvania. News outlets obtained an audio of the conversation he had with guests at the event. Oz had no problem speaking his mind on various topics including the conversation he had with Oprah before announcing his run.   Oz started out by telling saying that he told Opie (who helped launch his daytime show) NOT to support him; that he would do better without her support. Ouch!


Dr. Oz also addressed the liberal hags from The Spew who are currently trashing him over his campaign. On the December 1 shit show, all the hosts on the panel in the coven acknowledged being friendly with Oz in the past; professionally and personally. Joy even had dinner with him in the past. Blowhard said, “This is some political aspiration that has, that MUST be controlled! ... Mehmet, please, come back!”. She also revealed, “I’ve been to his house for dinner” as well.


The token Puerto Rican chick, Sunless whoever said, “Somebody that we know was having a medical issue, I picked up the phone, I asked him ‘What should we do?’ He told us exactly who to call. He’s very, very, personally, a doll.”.


However, they all accused Oz of “going over to the dark side” by trying to win over Fox News viewers, citing his appearance on The Sean Hannity Show.  They accused him of pushing unproven cures and downplaying the severity of Covid-19. The former blacktress turned-daytime talkshow co-host took particular issue because he pushed for schools to reopen during the plannedemic. “Listen, you either get that this is about other people’s health or you don’t, and Dr. Oz clearly doesn’t!”, she said. She went on, “Kids going back to school deserve to be safe and if you as a doctor and a physician can't see that, then you're not somebody I want to vote for. No matter how much I like you!”. Likes him? I’d hate to see how she treats her enemies.


During the event, Oz talked also about wanting to work with people of all political backgrounds, yadda yadda yadda. He said, “I don’t wake up in the morning and hate democrats. That shouldn’t motivate anybody.”.  Really?  It sure motivates me!


Oz then addressed the comments made by his former (TV) friends. “I got skewed on The View … I’ve done that show thousands of times. These people know me well, they have been to my house, I’ve helped them, they have helped me back.”.  He added, “They were so angry and so shocked I was Republican that they couldn’t hold themselves back.”.  


They must have felt the way we did when baby RINO McCain joined that shit show.  Thankfully she's gone now, but at least we can take solace in knowing that she destroyed her career.