Poll Shows 66% of Americans Would Rather See BLM Riots Investigated Than The Capitol Incident


A new poll suggests a majority of Americans want an investigation into last year’s Black Lives Matter protests and riots. According to a recent Rasmussen survey, 66% of voters would rather see the 2020 BLM incidents investigated over the breech at the U.S. Capitol on the sixth day of the new year 2021 .


Most of the respondents said they were part of a minority group and an investigation into the riots following the death of George Floyd should be a priority.  Meanwhile, 65 percent of voters also disagree with BLM rioters who claim the U.S. flag is a symbol of racism and 63 percent believe participants in the 2020 rioting should be criminally charged.


BLM is widely considered a domestic terrorist organization. Reports of the widespread BLM riots have shown that over $1 billion in damages has been caused. Riots began in Ferguson, a once peaceful suburb of St. Louis, MO, and since spread nationwide into cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, D.C., Baltimore, and dozens of other cities across the US.


Property destruction is not the only method BLM is using to “change” the system. As of EARLY JUNE, fourteen days after the riots began, Forbes published a report titled “14 Days Of Protests, 19 Dead”. The left winged media trivializes and dehumanizes the individual events that occur which is why I want to personalize these catastrophic events and want the public to believe that the damage being done by this domestic terrorist organization is significant, but here are some examples that prove otherwise.


Elliot Broaster is a black 23-year-old Philly native who had his entire store destroyed by the people who were claiming to be advocating for his rights. Two years ago, Broaster opened a shop called Smokes’n Things in North Philadelphia with the help of his girlfriend’s father. The shop was close to the college campus where Broaster was attending school and he sometimes struggled with balancing school and work since he was the only employee at the time. On May 31st of 2020, Elliot Broaster saw his store looted and destroyed.


Eli Aswan is an immigrant from Tanzania that came to the United States 18 years ago. Eli came to the US to further his education and had plans to attend the University of Minnesota. He bought a used car for $200 at an auction and sold it for a $500 profit. Soon after, Eli began flipping multiple cars and would lease his own lot. For 18 years Eli has sold hundreds of used cars and built himself an impressive business. One day after the death of George Floyd, on May 26th, Eli had a feeling that things would become tense between local protesters and police, so Eli took the keys of the cars home. That night, BLM protesters obliterated Mr. Aswan’s livelihood. Eli came back the next morning to find his office windows smashed in, cars destroyed, and at least $17k in valuables taken. “It’s like they came with a truck. They even took heavy equipment from my repair shop, like an engine hoist. They took everything.”, said Eli Aswan.


Twenty years ago, Janice and one of her sisters moved to Atlanta from Jackson, Tennessee. They would go on to open Wilbourn Sisters Designs which created unique clothing for “women of all sizes, nationalities, and walks of life”. On June 1st around midnight, Janice was behind the store counter when rioters threw rocks at her storefront and shattered her windows and door. She quickly dropped down to her hands and knees behind the counter to avoid being struck. “It was one of the most fearful moments of my life.”, said Wilbourn. She believes without question, that the rioters targeted her because of a large American flag that was displayed on her window.



Property destruction is not the only method BLM is using to “change” the system. As of EARLY JUNE, fourteen days after the riots began, Forbes published a report titled “14 Days Of Protests, 19 Dead”, listing the people who have been killed during BLM riots:


• Calvin L. Horton Jr., 43, Minnesota

• Javar Harrell, 21, Michigan

• Dave Patrick Underwood, 53, California

• James Scurlock, 22, Nebraska

• Barry Perkins, 29, Missouri

• Chris Beaty, 38, Indiana

• Dorian Murrell, 18, Indiana

• Italia Kelly, 22, Iowa

• Marquis M. Tousant, 23, Iowa

• Marvin Francois, 50, Missouri

• John Tiggs, 32, Illinois

• David McAtee, 53, Kentucky

• Jose Gutierrez, 28, Illinois

• Victor Cazares Jr., 27, Illinois

• Jorge Gomez, 25, Las Vegas

• David Dorn, 77, Missouri

• Robert Forbes, 55, California


While each of these deaths is tragic, the killing of David Dorn stood out as particularly horrific. Officer David Dorn was a retired 77-year old African American police captain and made the mistake of trying to respond to an alarm at a local pawnshop. His mistake of bravery and selflessness led to him being killed.