Danielle Staub Needs a Lesson in Parking




Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Danielle Staub, recently got into an altercation with a New Jersian Persian over a bad parking job.  In a (viral) video posted to TikTok on Wednesday, Staub 59, is seen getting into a screaming match with Rozouk Kattoura, who posts under the handle, @satire_bigmouth69.


In the clip, the two can be seen trading  insults with each over which one did a worse job parking.  Pulling out his phone, the man says “Look at this jackass complaining.  Look at how she parks. She’s complaining about how I park. Mine’s in the line, stupid!” He then pans the video to show his blue mini-van parked between the lines of the space while Danielle’s white Mercedes sedan is parked over the white line. “You stupid f–king idiot,” Kattoura screams.


A masked-up Danielle fires back, “You call me a stupid f–king idiot? Get the f–k away from me,” before adding that it is “illegal not to wear a mask.” “Oh, is it? When was that law passed? We’re out in public,” Kattoura screams back. “You’re a Democrat, aren’t you? Look at the way she parks. Look, on top of the lines, and she’s complaining [about] how I parked inside the lines. You stupid idiot. F–king Democrats.” “Get the f–k away from me with no f–king mask. Stupid f–king moron,” claps back. Eventually, Kattoura gets in his car to drive away but decides to take one more shot at the ex-reality TV star, calling her a “Stupid white rich lady.”.  Gotta love New Joizy.