All Biden Had To Do Was Paint It


President Donald Trump visited the border with Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday.  Trump hailed the progress of his administration that has been unwound by Joe Biden and his puppet masters.


"When you look at what's happened, and when you look at the job that we've done, and when you look at the results that we have had – and all of the statistics, no matter what you look at – it's the greatest job ever done in history", Trump told a news conference with a large group of Trump-backing Republican lawmakers which aired live on Newsmax's "American Agenda".


Trump spoke from a portion of border wall that was constructed during his administration, but just stops at a wide open gap at the southern border in McAllen, Texas, and still lacks paint.  "All Joe Biden had to do was paint it", said Trump. 


An uncharacteristically angry Trump then seized the opportunity to get in a few jabs about the (stolen) election which put Biden in the White House,  and also mocked New York's Democrat mayoral primary ranked-choice voting issues that mistakenly counted 135,000 test ballots. "They are destroying our country; Biden is destroying our country, and it all started with a fake election," Trump said. "And you take a look at New York right now. New York went through an election for the mayor of New York, and it is so mixed up and messed up. Nobody's ever seen anything like it, but I did. "Because if you look at the congressional election in New York, or go to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, or go to many other places, the same thing, and now we talk about the big one because the big one was won by a very different person. "And you wouldn't have these problems. This wall would have been completed within two months. Everything could have been completed, it would have been painted, not sitting there rotting and rusting. "It would have been perfecto. It was all set. The contractors were great".


Near the end of his roughly 20 minutes of speaking, Trump did tease a 2024 run for re-election joking about one of the Texas officials being his campaign manager. "Are you going to be my campaign manager? Are you going to be my manager if I do this again?" Trump said.  He then REALLY made liberal heads explode by ending with "Maybe we won't have to (run again)", which was of course a subtle reference to a potential earlier return to the White House.  Well, we can all dream.