Talk About the Pot Calling the Kettle Black!


The racist mayor of Chicago has declared racism a public health emergency while citing the disparity of life expectancy between races in the city. Democrat Lori Lightfoot addressed the issue during a press conference Thursday.



This came after the Chicago Health Department released data showing black residents on average live about nine years less than non-black residents. Lightfoot said the difference in life expectancy has only increased over the past 10 years. 


“When we think about racism. many of us think about it’s visible and audible forms, but the reality is the insidious nature of systemic racism has other impacts that are as every bit deep and harmful,” stated the Chicago mayor.  Are we really supposed to believe this dumb itch wrote that?


Meanwhile, Lightfoot has failed to address a major uptick in gun violence over the past five years while asking the federal government earlier this week to help address the problem.  There will be 10-25 black (on black) shootings in Chicago this weekend alone, and who knows how many deaths.


Beetlejuice Lightfoot made headlines earlier this year when she said that she will no longer be taking questions from White reporters.