In The World of Real and Reality News This Week


Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 reunion part one (of two) aired.  Emily came out with guns a blazing and seemed to be the spokesperson for the entire cast (including the host/EP himself) who clearly wishes to make Noella a one and done housewife. The last time we saw that look (of disgust) on Andy Cohen's face was also the last time we saw Kelly, so by bitch, it's been real. 


Tamra had former OC housewive Brawnwyn Windham-Burke on her Two T's in a Pod(cast) for the entire hour this week (co-host John Mellencamp's daughter had the day off).   Suprisingly, Tamra (whom I usually like) was all up Brawny's ass, even referring to her dumping her family (for a lesbian fling) as "the modern family". 


In other Tamra news, she is comparing Teresa's G's fiance, Louie, to Brooks Ayers, who suspects is just not a "good guy".


Speaking of RHONJ, as some may have noticed, I haven't recapped, or really even mentioned this season much.  It feels very scripted to me.  Like RHOBH, NJ has taken on a one story line approach, and problem for me is that I don't  buy the Teresa/Margaret beef, so like why bother?  However, I did enjoy their trip to Nashville, which is very near and dear to my heart.  Not surprisingly, the season finale airs next week, making season 12 one of the shortist in the show's history.  Bravo announced the cast will remain the same next season.  Yippee ... zzzzz.


Erika Jayne went on a twitter rampage with a rapid rabid fire Q & A.  As one might expect, fans were brutal and  Kunty did not disappoint.  She is clearly done playing the victim.  Among the highlights, she criticized Garcelle for using the cast (including Rinna's daughter) for "material" fo her new book.  In an unrelated incident, she then posted a faceless video of Garcelle's book being tossed into the trash.  Garcelle then posted a little scene of her own; one of Ross Mathews finding the book and retrieving it from the trash.  Back to the twitter rant, another poster asked Erika is she was dating anyone, did her best Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct) by responding no, but then boasted about her swollen and abused clit which had apparently taken a pounding the night before.  A real class act, that one. 


In Real Housewives of Potomac news, Ashley Darby filed for legal separation from her cheatin' bisexual sugar daddy, Michael.  Lucky for her, she was able to get two meal tickets children out of him.  Also, it turns out Michael is quite wealthy and owns the whole damn cold and sterile highrise where they live, so she's set for life.





Blac Chyna (born Angela White) is currently suing the Kardashians for allegedly using their dark powers to get "her" reality show,  Rob & Chyna, canceled, which left her destitute. Poor Chyna had to get rid of THREE of her (six figure) luxury cars!  Nobody knows money woes the way Chyna. The trial started off to a wonderful start when jury selection turned into an impromptu roast of the Koven. Then, Chyna’s delightful mother, Tokyo Toni, performed her own roast on IG Live, which ultimately got her banned from court.  Satan’s favorite mistress, Kris Jenner, took the stand and recounted a time when Chyna threatened to kill her billionaire baby, Kylie Jenner; however at the time, Kris didn’t think much of it.  Huh?  I guess attempted murder plots are ratings gold!  What is that old expression?  Oh yes, when you roll around in the mud with pigs, you're probably going to get dirty.   Personally, I hope she takes the fat tub of lard and his family for all they've got. 


Nene Leakes filed a lawsuit against Bravo/NBC/Universal/Andy Cohen claiming racism was what lead to her losing her job on the Real Housewives of Atlanta then to back up her cliam, listed several silly scripted scenes from the show throughout the years.  I see this silly lawsuit going nowhere; just like her career in reality TV.  But like countless other fans, I'm always down with whenever one of Andy's bitches calls him out on his shit.  Hath no  fury like a housewive scorned. 


In real news, our unlawfully elected President continues to make headlines by demonstrating how his mental health is declining rapidly; basically whenever he is permitted to speak, let alone leave his bed.  The good news is the world is now taking note and realizing what anyone paying attention knew two years ago. 



Finally, I didn't see this one coming.  Another RINO mole revealed himself this week; this time in the form of GOP (in name only) Leader Kevin McCarthy.  MessNBC's, Rachel Madcow, played audio tapes of him conspiring with fellow RINO, Liz Cheney, to remove President Donald Trump from office.  Even worse, he's down with Twitter and other SM platforms censoring Republicans.   On Friday, he posted on Twitter that the charges are false.  Yeah, stick a fork in that one.