Kyle Richards Reprises Iconic Role


As we all know, the entertainment industry came to a sudden screeching halt in 2020 due to the hysteria over the pandemic (reality TV notwithstanding). Movies and television shows were delayed and/or shelved permanently; either because more time was needed to film or because studios wanted to hold off and make money at the box office. Halloween Kills falls into the latter category, and was pushed back a full year. The upcoming horror flick is a continuation of John Carpenter's original 1978 movie, and a number of OG actors from the original Halloween are reprising their roles. This includes The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards.



As we all know by now, Kyle Richards was a child actress when she played 7 year old Lyndsey Wallace in the original Halloween movie opposite then total unknown, Jamie Lee Curtis. BTW, for the children reading this, Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of screen legends Janet Leigh of Psycho fame, and Hollywood heart throb of the time, Tony Curtis.



2018’s Halloween was a total reboot, and once again featured Laurie Strode 40 years after that terrifying night (we were instructed to completely disregard the previous 47 sequels). The reboot received rave reviews and did blockbuster business at the box office. It was then announced that Halloween Kills would the second movie of a trilogy. PARA It will be really interesting to see what type of an adult Lindsey Wallace grew up to be, but it’s a pretty safe bet that she is as traumatized as Laurie Strode from the night Michael Myers came back to town.



The teaser trailer (below) shows a very “dressed down” shall we say, adult Lyndsey. Paparazzi recently caught up with Kyle, and careful not to reveal too much, she would only say “It’s one of the best of all time; that’s what I’m hearing”.