Round 1 Goes to Erika Jayne


Let's start at the beginning.  Last week Erika Jayne shared a video of fellow RHOBH cast member, Garcelle Beauvais' book being tossed in a garbage can.  It seems Erika too umbrage with Garcelle using RHOBH story lines (involving Lisa Rinna's daughter) to sell her book.  Erika then commented on Twitter that "she didn't understand it", meaning that kind of desperation.  



Garcelle then caught up with Lisa Vanderpump at the opening of the Todd's second Las Vegas lounge.  The subject of the "housewives" came up, because like what else does  Garcelle Beauvais have in common with LVP?  Referencing Erika's tweet that she "didn't understand" Garcelle using her cast members to promote her book, Lisa took a shot at Erika's intelligence by suggesting to Garcelle that Erika may have had a better chance of "understanding" had Garcelle written a “scratch and sniff book”.  



Never one to let a direct hit go unnoticed, Erika then responded to LVP by posting, “That’s rich coming from someone whose breath reeks of garlic, cigarettes, and chardonnay,” Erika wrote in the comments section of the Instagram post about the diss, also including the hashtag for “halitosis.”


Lisa recently told Page Six that she would never return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.   She explained, “That’s a hot mess that I could do without … I’m happy I left", adding that she actually tried to leave three or four times.  She then called the show which made her famous a nightmare, and accused the  producers of leaking the "Puppy Gate" story and blaming her.


Hmm, this isn't the first time we've heard about LVP's breath ... (((PAGING Camille)))!!