EKW:  Don't Blame Me, Blame Production


Apparently the season one pressure is getting to Real Housewives of New York City newcomer, Eboni K. Nobody. As fans of the show know, Eboni took a break from social media early on in the season after being bombarded by angry fans, more or less telling her to put a lid on the constant sermonizing race baiting on the long running series. Unfortunately for some, she’s back.


EKW recently took to Instagram posting a picture of herself and fellow despised newcomer, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Crystal C*nt Foo Kung Minkoff. She attached the post with a caption that wrote "These deranged bigots are just mad AF that their days of dominance are coming to an end", and finished with the hashtag #TimesUpOnWhiteSupremacy. I guess that means us.



The former lawyer turned (most hated) reality tv personality maintains that her constant race baiting on the show has nothing to do with the show’s poor ratings. Eboni recently toldHarvey Levine’s rag (TMZ) that she shouldn't be the scapegoat for a declining TV audience because SHE doesn't edit the show. Fair enough, but EKW has been in the TV industry long enough to know that  you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.  She knows damn well that production can only edit, take out of context, and spin what material they are given!  But the way Eboni sees it, RHONY has tackled tons of sensitive issues over the years; from mental health, alcoholism, infidelity, bankruptcy and divorce ... so why should race shouldn't be any different?


RHONY's ratings began to plummet last season when they added the other insufferable snowflake, Leah McSweeney, and viewership has only gotten worse with the addition of Eboni K Williams. Sources close to the cast told TMZ that some cast members (that means Ramona, Lu, and Sonja) are also tired of the race baiting storyline coming up on every episode. The three OG’s believe that RHONY should be lighthearted and fun entertainment ... with plenty of drama of course.


Eboni says “Yes, I do feel demonized by some of the housewives and some viewers”, and adds that "if some cast mates didn't show up for shoots with microaggression, there wouldn't be a need for the constant race discussions!". 


OMG, I can’t with the stupid liberal buzzwords. BTW, what is it with these black female shiesters (a.k.a Phaekdra Parks, Wendy Osefo and now this Eboni K. Nobody)? It’s like the Real Housewives series has become a dumping ground for unsuccessful lawyers.  Something tells me that Kim Kardashian isn’t the first fame whore to graduate from www.BecomeALawyerIn30Days.com