When Bad Things Happen to Bad Reality TV People


The hits just keep coming for former (Praise God) Real Housewives of Orange County star and new lesbian, Braunwyn, and her soon-to-be ex husband Sean Burke. The Real Housewives first? gay couple is being dragged into court over a car accident involving Sean back in January. This comes just weeks before being sued for $45,000 in back rent on the palatial Newport Beach rental featured on RHOC.



According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the former Bravo star and her estranged hubby are being sued by Luis and Froylan Ortiz. The plaintiffs filed a civil lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court over a car accident that took place on January 22, 2019, on the Southbound 1-5 freeway in Tustin, California. Luis was a passenger in Froylan’s Honda Civic and Sean was driving the car registered in Brawnwyn’s name.


The suit alleges that “The plaintiffs’ vehicle came to complete stop due to traffic, their vehicle was rear-ended by Sean Burke”. The suit goes on to say “Following the impact, plaintiffs were violently jarred and jolted around the interior of their car, resulting in personal injuries and damages”. They claim to have suffered the usual; wage loss, loss of use of property, and hospital/medical expenses (Jackpot!).


Luis and Froylan accused Sean of driving negligently (probably on his phone) and are holding him responsible for their “grave injuries”. The Burkes did respond to the allegations in court, and the case was dismissed in March. All signs point to a $ettlement being reached outside of court.



Just this week, the Burkes have also been hit with an eviction lawsuit. Their landlord alleges that the couple have refused to pay their rent and wants them out immediately. The reality TV STRIKE weirdos couple leased the 8000 sq. ft. 5 BR 6 BTH pad back in January of 2020 for $15,000 a month with an 18 month lease. Despite numerous demands for payment, landlord Karen Ogden says the couple have refused to cough up the back rent, so now they have started the eviction process and filed a lawsuit for the $45K in back rent. Incidentally, the property is currently on the market for $6.8million. I can’t help but to think what a field day the remaining RHOC cast is going to have with this.


All this comes just a day before Braunwyn “announced” (insert eye roll here) that she was separating from Sean after 26 years of marriage. She said, “We are packing up this house, the one we filmed last year, and we are moving. We have decided jointly that we are going to take a few months apart". So Brawny will take the kids to live in Hawaii for the rest of summer while Sean rents a place in West Hollywood Newport Beach. For what it’s worth, Sean’s new digs happened to be owned by a friend of Braunwyn’s girlfriend, Fernanda Rocha.  Say, wasn't that Tamra's lesbian friends way back when?