Cancel Culture Claims Another Victim



It is being reported that newest victim of the cancel culture, Chris Harrison, demanded a massive exit payout of $25 MILLION after threatening to spill all their dirt on the The Bachelor series’ secrets.


A network source told the New York Post, ‘Chris has nearly 20 years of dirt, and instead of handing them a rose, he was absolutely ready to hand them a lawsuit detailing all the behind-the-scenes details,” an “insider” said. Harrison knows about inappropriate behavior on set including use of illegal substances while overseas, fights between the contestants, and complaints from producers that were allegedly brushed under the carpet by ABC execs.”.


As fans of the series know by now, Chris Harrison, 49, was fired from the long running Bachelor series earlier this week. He has been the host of the ratings giant since the show began way back in 2002. He also hosted the shows many spin-offs including several seasons of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Harrison was reportedly pulling in $8 MILLION per season.



News broke that ABC slime had decided to find a new host for their popular dating franchise. Harrison has been the host of the show since it launched in 2002. The producers have used him as the face of the show and hired him to host every spin-off. ABC temporarily suspended Harrison back in February after Harrison committed the Cardinal sin by defending Bachelorette contestant, Rachel Kirkconnell, when photos leaked showing her attending a 2018 antebellum-themed fraternity party. Harrison’s defense caused an uproar by CC militants who felt he was being ignorant. The show’s first Blackorette, Rachel Lindsey, jumped on the pile-on, and that was that.


Sources claim Harrison is not taking the decision well. “Chris Harrison’s whole life was The Bachelor, and he didn’t want to let go. He still is really sad to leave, and there have been very tough and very heated negotiations going on for weeks,” a source told ITAl NY Post. But that didn’t stop Harrison from hiring powerhouse attorney Brian Freedman to represent him in the matter.


The legal threats appear to have worked for Harrison as the network quickly hashed out a confidential settlement. Earlier this week, Deadline reported Harrison walked away with an eight-figure settlement in exchange for not spilling behind-the-scenes secrets, and also, ABC was not interested in a very public fight with one of their most beloved stars who many feel was done wrong, so they basically settled (on the $25 MILLION payout) as mentioned above.



It is rumored that actor/comedian David Spade (Joe Dirt) has been hired to replace Harrison, at least on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.