Andy Cohen Weighs In on Jen Shah Arrest



On Monday’s Andy Cohen Live SIRIUS (XM) radio show, the man himself was forced to address Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah’s recent arrest.  Cohen almost made it throught the first new show following the Easter break, but in the last few moments of the live show, a caller brought up the controversy.  BTW, has anyone else noticed that these damaging “housewife” controversies always occur right before or during holiday breaks?


The caller began by telling Andy that she has a ninety-two year old (well to do) grandmother who is often targeted by shady telemarketers.  Subtle right? (as a listener, I was imagining the look of panic on Cohen and co-host John’s faces).  After first asking for permission to talk about Shah’s arrest (for allegedly ripping off the elderly in a telemarketing scam), the caller then clumsily segued into asking Andy what his thoughts were on the matter. Andy responded by saying that he was just as shocked as everyone else, and then added “I’m waiting to see how it all plays out. I have nothing to add to what we already know, other than I certainly hope and pray that none of it is true.”.


Andy Cohen is executive producer of the Real Housewives series, and fans will recall that Bravo and Cohen had previously dealt with Joe and Teresa Giudice’s similar arrests, and subsequent convictions back in 2015, and received considerable backlash for exploiting chronicling the events on several seasons on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.



As reported, Shah, 47, and her assistant Stuart Smith were arrested last week on conspiracy to commit wire fraud spanning six states, dating as far back as 2012 and as recently as March. They both plead not guilty to all charges, and their trial is set for October. Shah is free on a $1M dollar bond, and if convicted, faces up to thirty years in prison.