Gina's Revenge: "Karma's a Bitch"



Video has surfaced of Shannon Beador's early Sunday morning hit and run for which she was arrested, and of course the eyewitnesses and armchair analysis of Shannon's mental and physical state are coming out of the woodwork as well.



Kelly Leventhal brought Shannon a ton of food since the paparazzi are keeping Shannon a prisoner in her own home, and Vicki Gunvalson provided her with some Door Dash (apparently she's unable to use her own phone).


Two Twats on Pot (Tamra Judge and John Mellencamp's daughter) took full advantage on their show, with Tamra offering an interesting tidbid claiming that she spoke to Shannon on Sunday following the incident, and although Shannon was oddly quiet, she mentioned nothing about the accident.  She also calls the incident "life changing".  So much for a reconcilliation.


Former co-star and alleged alcoholic, Brawny Burke, offered kind words, and Jesus Jugs Alexis Belino weighed in as well, revealing that she was actually at the restaurant/bar where Shannon was being over-served.


Still desperate to get on either West Coast houswife franchise, Cynthia Bailey publicly encouraged Shannon to stay strong, and Jeff Lewis who was rumored to be partying with Shannon on Saturday night spoke on his radio show about the accident, saying that he has NEVER seen Shannon step behind the wheel of a car when while she was intoxicated, and then revealed that she was "seeking counceling for her issues", leading many to believe that she's entering rehab. 


But interestingly, the one who would be completely justified in dancing on Shannon's grave, is choosing not to comment.  Of course, I'm talking about Gina Kirschtenhammered.  Fans will recall that Gina got a DWI last season, and this season a story line has been playing out how Shannon apparently hasn't stopped talking about how she saved Gina from going to jail and losing her kids to CPS.  


Yours truly has a theory.  Always the skeptic about anything these fame ho's do, I suspect Shannon (and Gina) know that their futures on RHOC are on very shaky ground, and I wouldn't put it past either one of them to have cooked this thing up together, providing both of them with much needed story lines next season.  The timing of revisiting Gina's ancient history (during the last recent episodes) and Shannon's own DUI is just too much of a coincidinky for me.  Also, this is the environment that Bravo, Evolution, NBC Universal, and Pimpdaddy himself, Andy Cohen, have created.  There's little these women won't do to remain on their shows, and Bravo loves "scandal".


Interesting footnote:   Yesterday. I was actually defending Shannon and trivializing the situation (and getting beaten up for it).  My logic was, she was released within a few hours and on a lousy $2500 signature bond, and no one was hurt, and all we saw was a crappy-looking retaining wall got hit, so I figured it was just all being blown out of proportion by the fake news.  But that was before a very clear (and shocking) color video of Shannon careening around the corner of the quiet residential street (right before impact) surfaced.  But it has since vanished and has apparently been scrubbed from the internet, probably for legal reasons.  So now I'm with practically everyone else ... off with her head!


I don't mean to over-dramatize the situation, but the video looked something like this.