What About "Housewife Sisterhood"?


Now that Bravocon '22 is officially over, I've admittedly spent wasted countless hours watching the most random videos including interviews, panel discussions, and live footage of AC's infamous "Legend's Ball".  Always a fan of the "crossover", one of the most interesting thing for me is seeing the interaction between the so called Bravolebrities, and now we get to see the good, the bad, and the sometimes very ugly.  It's interesting that many of the videos started disappearing, especially as they began to air on WWHL.  juicer moments are being removed already.  Bravo is notorious for monitoring their content and licensing their talent. 


Witnessing some of these loons without the protective cocoons of their respective shows is like studying a rare species of animals outside their natural habitat(s). First up is long lost at sea? Kate Chastain's painful interviews with random Bravolebrities out in open air of the Javits Center as conventioneers stroll by snapping pictures (and undoubtedly recording) with their cellphones. The size (or lack of) apparently determines the worth of the various celebritries as onlookers either  stop to gasp and gawk for a few moments, or just keep on moving.


In one of Kate's weirdest interviews, she's sitting down with Margaret Joseph, some chick from Summer House, Rachel Leviss, Lala Kent, Shannon Beador, Dolores Catania, and Jennifer Ayden.  How this Motley Crew ended up together is anyone's guess, and it is as awkward as one would imagine as Kate asks the women about each other's shows which  they have clearly never seen.  In fact, I seriously doubt if any of them even know who Kate Chastain is.  They then discuss their various surgical procedures ... yes, women in their late 50's are discussing tummy tucks with 23 yr. olds.  Dolores practically offers a PSA for cosmetic surgery and proclaims that she will never stop improving her body.


I also ran across a manic Teresa Giudice rambling on incessantly while saying "Hi!" and waving to unseen fans as some podcaster tries to keep her focused on whatever stupid question she's being asked. Then it all goes to shit when Caroline Stanbury just randomly shows up to join them.  The former lady of London-turned-real (fake) Dubai housewife laughs and stares at Teresa's hands as she habitually uses them to talk while searching for diffucult words like "and" and "the".  It seems like Teresa eventually catches on, and then finally shuts up. Apparently, Teresa and women named Caroline don't gel.



In a segment called "War of Reads", Andy Cohen pits the various ladies against each other.  The first question goes to Erika, as Andy asks her "Which relationship on RHOBH will not last".  Doing her best "Kunty, Erika grabs Andy's mic, shashays to the front of the stage, and unapologetically announces that Dorit and PK are doomed.  As the audience roars, Kunty hands Andy back his mic, and returns to her seat.  Speaking of EJ, oddly enough, she appears to be one of the more popular fan favorites, garnering thunderous applause on the various panels in which she attends.  She takes takes the opportunity to personally thank them for their support and their patience in dealing with her SM tantrums. 


Andy's shady ass then asks the Iman wannabe from Dubai (Chanel whoever) which lady on the stage has the worst fashion sense.  The camera zooms in on a terrified Caroline Stanbury, but Chanel assures her that she looks good.  She then looks around the stage, and decides that Phaedra Parks is the worst.  Phaedra is completely caught off guard, and then Marysol (RHOM) steps in and says repeatedly that at least Phaedra isn't wearing a prom dress.  Married to Medicine's Miss Quad tries to get in on the action, as does Brandi Glanville, but Andy shuts it down.   You can see the trimmed down version above.



Another one of the more memorable moments for me was not so much Lisa Rinna being booed (which she weathered), but the repeated ((("Kathy Kathy Kathy!!))) chants from the audience throughout their panel.  It has now been revealed that partner in crime, Erika, sensed it was coming warned Lisa ahead of time.


The biggest takeaway from these live events for me is the stark reminder that none of these fauxlebrities are really worthy of their "celebrity" status.   As their awkardness often suggests, these people have no real discernible talent.  They often come off like fish out of water, and even more so in front of a live audiences.  Dare I say, a lot of them are downright boring, and void of anything even remotely resembling that of a personality.  


Speaking of no talent, the looks on the pulled faces of the various housewives and other Bravolebrities was worth the price of admission alone.  Watching Melissa Gorga doing her best JLo, Candiace Dullard's hilarious attempt at serious performing, and a 40 yr. old Sheena Shay reliving her Valley Girl days was fun, but Krayonce stole the show with her old lady "death drop".  I can only imagine how girlfriend felt when she tried to get up on Sunday morning.  Glaringly absent was Brandi Glanville Life of a Housewife rap and maybe a Countess Luann Money Can't Buy You Class, but oh well, maybe next year.