Tres Amigas Reunited?





Filming for Real Housewives of Orange County may be well underway, but word on the mean streets of Newport Beach is that producers are underwhelmed and have swallowed their pride and called on Vicki Gunvalson to shake things up. 


Several sources have reached out to the cast as well as Bravo for comment, but mum's the word (which is usually a confirmation). Personally, I prefer this way because knowing what's coming ruins the fun.  However, resident OC big mouth, Kelly Leventhal, says that she knows for a fact that Vicki is indeed filming. She talks to Shannon all the time, but says Shannon's lips are sealed.  Then we have Tamra playing it cagey on her Two T's in a Pod(cast) with John Mellencamp's obnoxious daughter. 


I'm assuming Vicki is basically auditioning, and you can bet that she is going to make the best of time.  I would not be surprised if she is the one behind the rumors about Madame Terry Dubrow's alleged infidelity.