Gina Kirschenheiter Denies Being Demoted




Season 16 isn't even cold yet, and already casting rumors are emerging.  Yeah yeah, it's all purely speculation at this point, but as we have all come to learn, the HW stratosphere is like the old old National Enquirer or today's TMZ; there usually is some truth in their stories. 


Season 16 was pretty much a bust; with weekly viewership averaging less than 800K, which is half of what it once pulled in.  As a comparison, those same numbers got RHONY basically canceled (for most viewers, with Mona, Lu, and Sonja gone, it may as well be canceled).  Enter Fancy Pants Dubrow.  What started off as a promising season, quickly went to sh*.  Yes, fans wanted to see Chateau Dubrow completed, and that we got, but along with admission came a season long informercial for all things Dubrow. 


But to be fair, production and the Bravo machine put EVERTHING on Heather which obviously proved to be an unattainable goal, because without a strong supporting cast, you have nothing.  Whatever genius thought it would be a good idea to pair Heather with Gina needs to be fired (along with the Lonk Oilander herself). 


Flash to the present ... some outfit called Bravo and Cocktails is sharing the tea from a so called RHOC  "insider" who is claiming that only five of the Housewives from season 16 of RHOC have been asked to return for the next season, and they will be joined by one former OC housewife (along with one or two new cast members). Another rumor floating around is that moose Gina has finally been demoted to a ‘friend".  The source is claiming that Heather, Shannon, Emily, Noella, and Jen are all returning as full-time Housewives.


Within hours, Gina shot down this rumor, telling one fan she wasn’t demoted via Instagram, which then of course got tongues wagging over who the returning HW would be.  The "source" insists it’s not Tamra Judge, and others have suggested everyone from Alexis Bellino to Lydia McLaughlin.