The Exorcism of Gina



As promised with last week's "TO BE CONTINUED", Gina and Shannon are rehashing their beef at Jen's party.  Shannon is accusing Gina of telling everyone that she has no friends and is jealous of her, and Gina is angry that Shannon won't stop talking about her good deed, that is  saving Gina ass from being arrested (for the DWI) in front of her kids by putting her in contact with a good lawyer.  Gina tells Shannon that she is trying to write a hero story about herself and Shannon tells Gina that she really needs to "put a pin in it", an expression which apparently has different meanings to the other ladies.  Gina tells Shannon that she will not apologize for being happy, and that she actually feels sorry for Shannon, and then walks away.


Someone from the Medical Examiner's Office has called Noella to inform her that her father has died, and in a revelation that shocks no one, she tells us that she never really never knew her father.  He abondoned her mother and Noella at a very early age, and the only time he came around was when he needed a picture (of the perfect family) for business.  The fact that they're even calling Noella (and not her mother) suggests that her parents were never married, and apparently this is the protocol when the state is burdened with an indigent, that is a random dead body which died alone and usually in poverty.  So for a story line, Noella decides to claim the ashes and spread them all over some golf course.  Whatevs.



Gina has Emily over for lunch and an afternoon exorcism.  She has invited "Shauna the psychic medium" over to cleanse her soul from the ornery  demons in her.  It seems the "spirit cleansing" at the sweat lodge in Cabo didn't quite take because  Emily and Noella were so overcome by the spirits heat that they had to stop the ritual, so the demons are still inside her.  Italian Catholic girl Gina is quick to point out that this is more an "extraction" than an exorcism, so Shauna proceeds to extract the demons from Gina's mouth.   I guess if Gina starts talking with her index finger and saying "redrum" we will know it didn't take.


Gina is hosting the launch party for her CaraGina skin care line at her (real life) friend's home, which is kind of sad in itself.  To detract from the recap for a second,  this is one of those situations where a housewife just can't fake it, and you have to feel bad for these underachievers in the Real Housewife series who simply don't have the means to compete with the wealthy opulent lifestyles of some of their costars.  To make matters worse, immediately following this episode on WWHL, Asswipe Andy (via the usual guise of a "tweet") had to bring to Gina's attention, Tamra Judge's recent comment that Gina never has been "housewife material".  As much as I agree with Tamra, at least Gina acknowledges the fact that she's just a basic bitch (yes Potomac, we're looking at you).  Also, Gina is like the friendly giant with a gentle soul whom you don't enjoy seeing attacked. But having said that, I care more about Shannon and Gina's fake fight, the Dubrows new show, Noella's divorce, and Jen’s new brain scan contraption that I do about Gina’s skincare line.  We don't know what it is, how she’s marketing it, or how she's even qualified to start one.



Despite her fight with Shannon, Gina decides to invite Shannon to the party anyway (as if production gave her a choice).  Shannon arrives and right out of the chute, Gina's mom personally thanks Shannon for "the gift of (atty) Mike Fell".  Of course the scene was completely set up by Evolution, but it was very funny seeing Shannon claim her sweet justice.


Emily has organized a trip to Aspen, CO where it looks like Gina's and Shannon's fight only worsens.  In the preview, we see Noella accusing Miss Fancy Pants of getting physical with production, and I don't mean a quick romp in her champagne closet with a hunky camera man.  BTW, I can’t believe RHOC went to Aspen, after RHOBH just filmed there.  For over a decade, poor Ramona has been begging Bravo for a girl's trip there.