Noella Bergener's Father Actually Died 10 Years Ago


Former Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Judge, appeared recently on Jeff Lewis Live SIRIUS ((XM)) radio show, and revealed that current RHOC star, Noella Bergener’s father actually died back in 2012.  Christopher Nance was a well recognized NBC weatherman, and indeed died in 2012 at the age of 44, after a battle with sickle cell anemia, a disease that affects red blood cells.


This is newsworthy because on this season’s episode 14, Noella is mourning her father’s death, including a conversation with her mother about how they were “just notified” that he died alone in his apartment and now facing the daunting task of claiming his ashes.  Jeff and the other people on the panel then discussed the possibility that maybe Noella was talking about a stepfather, but Tamra reiterated that Noella repeatedly said “my father”, defiantly asking Jeff "Did you watch the episode!??". 



In the episode, there are scenes of  Noella crying with her mother and specifically mentions Christopher Nance as a throwback picture of them together flashes on the screen. Noella says that she was really worried about her dad and corresponded with him during Covid because of his sickle cell anemia.  Then throughout the episode, each of the cast is offering Noella their condolences with flowers; the whole works.


We all know that sometimes production will exaggerate or even fabricate a story line, but this one is off the chain.  Tamra told Jeff, “If this is true, I’m done with Noella!”.  I’m with Tamra, but am not only done with Noella, but the rest of the season (and possibly the entire series), because for me, this is just outrageous.



Tamra also just "casually" revealed that Noella also has a daughter, who has obviously never been mentioned, let alone seen on the show. Whoa ... what?!! She then seemed to have “caught herself” (likely after being smacked on the leg by Jeff) and quickly changed the subject. For me, the authenticity threshold has already been stretched to the limit, and if they are lying about this, then what else are they lying about? Most of us have been well aware of the fakery throughout the series since it began, but this is a game changer for me; certainly for RHOC, and possibly for the entire HW series.