Does Anyone Else Remember Kelly Calling Herself "Black"?




Once again, "The Snarky Enigma" (that's me on YouTube) or as Rick likes to call me, "The Snarky Enema" has annoyed the F out of Mr. and Mrs. Dodd. Rick reads my comment (or at least tries to) which obviously hit a nerve, and then they go off.  BTW, this is like the 4th or 5th time they be checking my ass, boo!   In case the clip doesn't start and stop in the right place, you can see it on their 10/18/22 Rick and Kelly Daily Smash.  It starts at 22:42 and ends around 26:10 (where she says I'm not real bright).  On my end it's all in fun, but on their end, I'm not so sure.