Kelly Leventhal:  "This is for you, trolls"



Kelly Dodd Leventhal took to her Instagram account to announce that she canceled her Twitter account. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star shared an image of what you'll see if you go to where her official Twitter page used to live, captioning it with a message for her haters.


Leventhal wrote, "Saying goodbye to my 211,000 Twitter followers … this is for you, trolls.  It’s like having a toxic boyfriend. You like getting off but it’s not worth it in the end.".  She went on to say that the platform has too much hate and too many fake accounts," echoing Elon Musk's allegations that Twitter has a large percentage of fake accounts.


Dodd even cited Musk by name, saying that "maybe" if he does ultimately take over the platform, she'll return. She closed her statement with a slew of hashtags calling out "trolls," "bots," "spam," "fake," "losers," "woke," and "bye.".  Her comment comes just hours after she posted that she hopes the billionaire doesn't buy the platform because "who would buy stock in that fake evil empire?".  She shared a screenshot of what must have been one of her final tweets, where she she lamented, "Twitter is full of millions of bots & spam accounts & I'm an actual person w/211k followers who gets written about daily & they still won't give me my check mark back.". 


I say good for Kelly.  Even though I found a way back on Twitter under an assumed name (after being "permanently banned"), I haven't had the desire.  At this point,  I just can't bring myself to support such a communististic platform.  If EM does re-instate all of us as promised, then I guess we'll see.  I'm sure my 600+ "friends/followers" have forgotten about me by now anyway.