Margaret Cho She Ain't


Remember Tiffany Moon, the Asian chick with the annoying "Valley Girl" voice who ruined the Real Housewives of Dallas franchise? She recently took a break from site seeing in Italy to appear on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, who interestingly, also has an annoying Valley Girl voice ... but with a lisp. They covered a array of topics, from RHOD's struggling ratings, to the race issues in America (that the entertainment industry loves to exploit), to her ongoing tension with costar Kameron Wescott.  Caution:  Excessive "quote" alert.


Tiffany says that she told producers that she was willing to come back, but not with the same cast. So without actually signing, she and D'Andra filmed "test" scenes with suppposedly "real friends" as potential permanent cast members. When David pressed her, she said that to the best of her knowledge, only she and D'Andra were coming back for season 6. The test scenes were a disaster because none of the other three women knew EACH OTHER and it just didn't gel, so they scrapped the entire thing. However, she was quick to point out that RHOD is not finished, but merely "on pause" (like RHOM was). “Dallas was always the lowest-rated franchise. I feel like the universe was telling us no,” Tiffany said.


She readily admits that she threw a tantrum last year because the Wescotts accused HER of being a racist and tried to get her fired from her "real job". So she unfollowed the show, it's cast, and began referring to herself as an "EX-housewife". “I’m close with Eboni K. Williams in the real world (shocker). This also really happened right around the same time that, you know, New York’s ratings plummeted. I mean, that’s just a fact and you know, the whole world made comments that we don’t want to hear about race on TV. That’s not me. That’s just, that’s what the people seem to say.”.


Tiffany went on to tell David that she “sort of jokingly” told producers to scrap the footage that was going to be RHOD season 6 because the new cast wasn’t gelling. “We were on a phone call, and I said, you know what? Let’s just scrap the whole thing. Let’s just like, cut the cord and you know, maybe pick it up in a year or two or never,” Tiffany told the podcast. “I basically, in so many words said that I refused to film with Kameron and COVID in Texas, particularly, was starting to go on the upswing again, after the summer went ahead, started to defervesce.”.


Tiffany said she then got a call from producers saying they were in fact scrapping the whole season and going on hiatus. Tiffany is saying she was pushed to try and make race a storyline between her and castmate Brandi Redmond after Brandy’s so called “racist” video surfaced. Yontef asked Tiffany if she thinks she was hired because of Brandi Redmond's (hilarious) video, but she claims, “I had my interview with the producers of Real Housewives of Dallas. And then while we were in between filming Brandy’s video came out and then the very first all-cast event I filmed for the producers are, like, we want you to talk to Brandy about her video. But Moon maintains that she was was signed BEFORE Brandy's video resurfaced. And I’m like, that video was like months ago. Like it’s summer, that video came out like during winter and they’re like, talk to her about her video,” (like totally) the over-the-hill Valley Girl explained. She continued by saying she “didn’t want to talk to Brandy about her video, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer. “They’re like, you are going to talk to her about the video,” Tiffany said. “I’m having to address a racist video and they’re trying to do this thing between me and Brandy. Well, I never had a thing with Brandy. Still don’t.”.


As for her thoughts on the RHOSLC Mary and Jennie feud (because we're all on th edge of our seats), Tiffany claims they all need to do better, and “two wrongs don’t make a right.” “I mean, whatever Mary said that was, you know, defamatory or Jennie didn’t like is bad. And then if Jennie’s going out and doing the same thing, like then she’s just as bad, right?”. For the record, Tiffany, as well as the other token Asian, Crystal Kunt Foo Minkoff, have both unfollowed Jennie. But through it all, Tiffany is sure that the show will definitely make a return. “I don’t think it’s canceled. The truth is that I think it is on hiatus. I think that like Miami, when the right cast comes along and the right production team to make it all gel together, that it could very well come back. I mean, I heard Miami’s doing amazingly. I haven’t watched all of it, just like the first few episodes, but you know, they made a comeback. So, Dallas could too.".


She concluded, "I think I will be remembered for three things; my closet, my candles, and my comedy". Yes, you heard correctly; she said comedy. Tiffany Moon is now trying her hand at stand-up comedy (which is on You Tube).


A few thoughts. Throughout the interview, Moon wants us to think that she was/is a power player and somehow involved in Bravo's decision making, but the truth is, they were talking to and filming with ALL the ladies, and she is merely just one cog in the wheel. Also, she does her best to convince us that shes actually relieved that they put the show on hiatus. The third thing is that she says that she is equally good, but completely seperate friends with LeeAnne Locken and D'Andra Simmons, respectively, adding that when she's with one, the other's name doesn't even come up.