Kary Brittingham Chirps with Entertainment Tonight


In just two just seasons, many fans feel that Real Housewives of Dallas star Kary Brittingham has traded in her victim role for that of full on bully. She recently bloviated spoke with Entertainment Tonight, and predictably, had a LOT to say.


First of all, Kary wants it known that she feels very misunderstood. Despite what fans have witnessed this season with their own eyes, Kary said “I will say that I’m very disappointed that people call me a bully because obviously, I don’t feel like I’m a bully. I mean, am I confrontational? Yes. Am I feisty? Yes, but that’s very different than being a bully, and that does hurt my feelings.”. Katy went on to say “People are going to be like that. And I feel like, if you take the time to go on my account and say all these things about me, I mean, isn’t that bullying?”. Have a headache yet? Me too, but keep reading at your own peril. 



Fans of the show know that early on this season, Brittingham inexplicably began needling and taunting one time friend D’Andra Simmons, at every turn; however, thanks to costar Brandi Redmond’s intervention along with D’Andra’s own newly learned coping tools, they were seemingly able to work out their issues.  Still, Kary admits that she does have a few regrets, but chalks it up as being “a big learning experience”. She wants to grow and become a better person, and assures us that she’s not going to be pushing anybody into bodies of water.



Speaking of pushing people in pools, Kary also dished on her rocky friendship with costar Tiffany Moon. “I just feel like she really didn’t ever want it to be my friend, and it makes me very sad. I wanted to be her friend, but that whole experience with Tiffany has really been very disappointing. I kept trying to be her friend and reaching out to her”. Kary continued, ”Girl, no. I love you. Everything is great. I don’t have any issues with you”.   But apparently Kary's heartfelt apology fell on Tiffany' deaf ears, because shortly thereafter, Tiffany blasted Kary on twitter which then led to Kary calling Tiffany a snake on Twitter.  They have since unfollowed each other on SM.


Kary concluded “She’s never made an effort with me, but I know she’s made an effort with Stephanie and Kameron Westcott off-season a lot. She’s texted them and really tried to be their friend, and she’s never done that to me.”. End of chirp.


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