D’Andra, Always The Victim



Stephanie is arranging a girl’s trip to her home state of Oklahoma. None of the women are particularly thrilled, but this is what they are being paid to do.  The Dallas women ARE now being paid right? ... I’m recalling reports back in the day that Bravo would only green light a second season if the women filmed for free, or something to that nature. Such a proposal seems wrong in so many ways, but apparently it all worked out, because here we are at season five. But I digress; D’Andra is still upset about Brandi questioning her Christianity (with all the metaphysical nonsense), so she calls Brandi to arrange a private pow wow to hopefully patch things once and for all.



Court Wescott is still leaving Kameron in the lurch involving the selling of their home (because Kameron is too fragile to handle any deal falling through), but it turns out he has a plan and is surprising Kameron with her $7.5 million dollar dream home.  We are told that punking each other "is just something that they do".



Tiffany visits Momma Dee to discuss Tiffany’s ongoing strained relationship with her own mother.  Dee urges Tiffany to be more understanding, open and honest, and to tell her that she wants a better relationship with her.  I've been meaning to mention; Tiffany's beef with her mother is not really adding up, because from where I'm sitting, Mother Sun IS showing up!  Was the (ridiculous) tea party a figment of our imaginations?         



On the morning of Brandi and D’Andra’s pow wow and Brandi gets an alert on her phone that D’Andra has been talking to ITALICS Page Six about Brandi’s alleged politically incorrect video mocking Asians and promptly cancels the pow wow. The “fourth wall” is then demolished completely as D’Andra receives the text, plays the victim in her confessional, and then informs the visible production crew that filming is canceled.



It is the day of the girls trip, and all the women have gathered at Stephanie’s home. She has rented a Winnabago RV (that looks like it has racked up a few miles), and Brandi has been relegated as the driver. D’Andra shows up last and Brandi wastes no time laying into D’Andra, telling her that it was not her job to talk to the press, and by doing so, she not only reignited the controversy, but the hate (and physical threats) against her and her family. D’Andra’s first reaction is to make excuses (and of course play the victim), but the other women jump in, urging D’Andra to simply apologize. She acquiesces, at least for now, all seems quiet on the Western front. But of course what would a HW girl’s trip be without drunken fights and tears?