RHOD Recap: Mommy Dearests


Kary, D’Andra, and Tiffany are kiki-ing at Tiffany’s home.  Incurable buzzkill D’Andra is still upset over what she considers "a great big F U" from Momma Dee at Tiffany's birthday party a few night's before, and is hoping for an apology from her.  Yeah that's gonna happen (insert your Momma Dee meme here).  More on this later.



One of Stephanie's many charities is making over locker rooms for needy high schools, and she has invited bestie Brandi along with she and her husband Travis (via private jet) to a locker room makeover reveal in Beaumont, TX, a town hit particular hard by (two) hundred-year floods.  The transformation is indeed stunning; a far cry from the cold concrete floors, prison-like community showers, and smelly lockers from my own high school days.  Travis tells Stephanie how proud he is of her and apologizes for ever doubting (her abilities).  For the record, Stephanie Hollman remains one of my all time favorite HW's.



Tiffany is dreading telling her mother about her decision to take an extra day off each week because as she explains it, "in the Chinese culture, immigrant children are their parent's greatest investments".  When the dragon lady shows up at Tiffany's to give her a red envelope for her birthday (it's another "Chinese thing"), she blows Tiffany's circuits by not only approving of a lighter work schedule, but suggests Tiffany asks for even more days off!  Huh?  Tiffany doesn't recognize this woman (who almost seems human).



D'Andra arrives as Dee's home to apologize for her deplorable behavior at Tiffany's birthday party.  In case you missed it, Kameron's friend Jen (the silent red head who is always hanging around the group), suddenly asked D'Andra why she took her STEPfather's name (of Simmons).  Instead of just answering the damn question herself, D'Andra handed the mic over to Momma Dee to provide an answer.  "Because the Simmons name could take her further (than Calloway)!" Dee responded.  This of course not only painted D'Andra as a shallow opportunistic person, but it was ill-timed as well, because it somehow jeopardized D'Andra's ongoing reconcilliation with her brother.  Then all hell breaks lose as a very wasted D'Andra lays into Dee, calling her every name in the book.  Momma Dee calls an Uber, storms off.  Flash to this week's episode ... D'Andra apologizes to Momma Dee, and it appears they have worked though yet another obsticle in their often temptuous relationship.



Kary stages another awkward mother/daughter conversaton, but with BOTH of her daughters this time, and in what better place than the middle of the woods where they cannot escape.   Kary wants to know how life is treating them, but wastes no time making it all about HER, and begins to ramble on about HER effed up childhood and subsequent (non) relationship with HER mother.   Whatevs. 



In hopes of redeeming herself for her disastrous pizza party, Tiffany is throwing a lavish Hawaiin luau themed cocktail party for the girls on the rooftop deck of one of husband Daniel's TWO Dallas hotels.  Tiffany had casually mentoned earlier that he actually owns the Dallas' Hyatt and The Renaissance.  Holy sh*, I am seriously impressed (no shade).  The roof top party space is insane, and Tiffiany has flown in real leis and genuine fire and hula dancers to provide the entertainment.  But of course the real entertainment starts when someone (on cue) brings up D'Andra and Brandi's squabble over who's the better Christian.  If you recall, Brandi had sermonized D'Andra at Tiffany's birthday party; explaining to her that meditation is strictly forbidden in the Christian world because it can provide a gateway to Satan.  Brandi seems to be sedated caught off guard, but D'Andra came prepared this time and begins to read Brandi like a scripture (thank you Mary Cosby), calling Brandi a hypocrite because she herself claims that she has the ability to speak to the "spiritual realm".  Then for good measure, the producers roll the tape!.  The previews indicate that this beef is just getting started.


I think most would agree that RHOD got off to a shaky start this season, but it is more than making up for lost time.  Dallas' perpetual low ratings have always perplexed me, because in my humble opinion, it remains one of the best franshises in the HW series.