Kary, the Kunty Kamper


It’s the day of the girl’s trip to Oklahoma, and everyone has gathered at Stephanie’s. But before they leave, Brandi and D’Andra still have unfinished business to resolve. Brandi is deeply hurt because D’Andra shot her mouth off to Page Six about Brandi’s “insensitive” video mocking Asians. But between a little coaxing from the group and D’Andra’s new found ability to utilize one of Shaman/Hairdresser Darren’s main calming techniques (that D’Andra is a queen who never stoops to the levels of her peasants), she was able to transcend into her zen light and apologize to Brandi. 




The ladies pile into a rented RV and embark on the girl’s trip as Stephanie is determined to have all of the ladies become one of her lifelong "Oklahomies", while hopefully  experiencing a “Bigfoot” sighting along the way. Brandi is the designated driver of the thirty foot death trap, and it is hilarious seeing the poor women in the back being tossed around like rag dolls along with their soft drinks and snacks. After a gasoline fill up, D’Andra takes over the wheel, and it’s an even bumpier ride as they hit the dirt roads in the middle of nowhere leading to the isolated cabin that Stephanie has booked.


The cabin is actually a gorgeous log home with all the bells and whistles, but that doesn’t stop Kary from complaining about having to haul in her own luggage. As to avoid the proverbial room assignment squabbles, Stephanie has devised a game where each of the women will put one shoe in a sack for a “shoe draw”. Stephanie will be bunking with Kary, Tiffany with Kameron, and as luck would have it, Brandi with D’Andra (gee, didn’t see that coming). But to help them cope, Kary has prepared a colorful array of jello shots for all!




Because it’s already late and everyone is exhausted, the group will be dining on roasted weenies. As they all sit around the campfire, the conversation about “Bigfoot” continues, and right on cue, expert Bigfoot hunter “Charles” appears as Stephanie’s special guest. But Bigfoot isn’t all that Charles is hunting, and while descrbing his terifying encounter with Bigfoot, he gets side tracked and described in gory detail, his most recent killing of 28 pound turkey. This doesn’t sit well with Kary, but more about hunting (and weenies) later.  Although Stephanie is all in, the other women are skeptical, but decide to play along. So with a flashlight, baseball bat, and a machete in hand, Charles takes the group on a guided tour through the dark woods in hopes of spotting Bigfoot. On the tour, Charles is revealing his best techniques for finding Bigfoot, but Kary is still too traumatized about the 28 pound turkey, and becomes increasingly hostile to tour guide Charles.



Unsuccessful, they return to the campsite, and Kary’s disdain for Charles turns into a full on attack as she suggests that Charles hunts to compensate for his “shortcomings” as a man. Stephanie is appalled and embarrassed that Kary would attack and disrespect a man because he enjoys STRIKE killing animals STRIKE the sport of hunting. D’Andra points out that if Kary were that concerned, she would be a vegan (actually a great point), but Kary remians unapologetic and concludes the conversation with “I dont care, I hate people who hunt”.


The following morning, when a hungover Kary is informed that Stephanie was actually bawling all night over her treatment of Charles, she suddenly develops sense of remorse, and apologizes to Stephanie. Stephanie accepts Kary’s apology, but tells Kary that Charles is really the one who deserves an apology. Then, a few moments later during breakfast, Stephanie announces that there will be pig roast for dinner! Anyone care to place any bets on who will be hosting the pig roast?



The ladies split up into two groups for the day; Brandi, Tiffany, and Kary are go trout fishing while Stephanie, Kameron, and D’Andra head for the local winery. On the fishing trip, Kary is pleased to learn that it is a catch-and-release stream (just like our nation’s borders), and Tiffany shares a warm and fuzzy moment with the girls telling them that she now feels totally accepted; however, considering that Tifanny has recently hinted that she is most likely a one-and done, I have to question that one. At the winery, the other ladies are learning how to make bootleg Chardonay, a process I found particularly interesting.


The girl’s trip continues next week and the season begins to wrap up. BTW, have I mentioned how much I love this franchise? The Dallas women bring it consistently, and despite the contraints of filming during a global pandemic, this has been a stellar season. I will never understand the poor ratings for the RHOD.