Pig Roast Wishes, Chinese Dumpling Dreams




It’s night two of Stephanie’s girl’s trip in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Kary has made amends with Stephanie as well as Stephanie’s special guest, Big Foot hunter/turkey killer, Charles. Stephanie has devised another “red neck” game; this one involving fornication simulation and a rather messy game of tug of war. Following a pig roast, Stephanie and Brandi attempt to prank the girls in Party City Big Foot costumes, but it is a major fail.



As the girls are all retiring for the evening, the pranking continues as Tiffany and D’Andra decide to set off a few stink “fart” bombs that they purchased in a gift shop, in Kary's bed. Kary is not amused and heads straight to the kitchen where she retrieves a gallon of tomato juice and salsa which she proceeds to pour all over the other women's beds.  Now EVERYONE is pissed, but especially Kameron who threatens to head for a hotel.  Perhaps D’Andra said best by saying that when Kary drinks, she has no sense of boundaries at all.



The ladies have returned home. While Kameron is stressed that she’s got only 48 hours to empty out a 10,000 sq. ft. home, she’s actually more concerned if their deceased dog, Louis’ (as in Vuitton) spirit will be following the Prescott’s to their new home. So she turns to “Animal Communicator”, Sandra, who assures Kameron that Luis’s spirit will indeed be with them.


We learn that D’Andra’s father committed suicide shortly after she was married, and that she was cut out of his will, but it turns out that Dee had a different will that bequeathed everything to D’Andra; apparently payback for years of skipping out on paying child support. D’Andra claims that she offered to split everything with her step-brother, but that her evil her step-mother demanded all of it, and so the court battle began. I kind of figured D’Andra’s drama with her step brother was over money, but this is even juicier than I thought.



It’s Tiffany’s mom’s birthday and to celebrate, she and her daughters are making dumplings together at Tiffany’s house (apparently another “Chinese thing”). Tiffany seizes the moment to confront her mom about their (lack of) true mother/daughter closeness, but mom ain’t having it, and more or less proves Tiffany’s point by directing the conversation to “wiz kid” Tiffany’s many accomplishments. For a moment or two, it appears as though Tiffany is just going to have to accept her Dragon Lady mother for who she is, but once again, mom comes through by hugging and telling Tiffany that she loves and is proud of her.  Pass the tissues.