D’Andra Simmons Calls Her Cast Mates Hypocrites!



Real Houswives of Dallas star D’Andra Calloway/Simmons/Lock recently visited Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino and had a lot to say. The host wasted no time getting to the meat of the matter with D’Andra on everything from the status of the relationship with her mother to the drama currently unfolding on the show.


D’Andra is STILL upset that costar Brandi Redmond for questioning her faith. Fans will recall that on the last episode, Brandi sermonized D’Andra over her current obsession with meditation. But let’s be clear. Brandi’s issue is not necessarily with “meditation” per se, but more with Shaman/Hairdresser Darren. In Brandi’s defense, Shamanism IS defined as "a religious practice that involves a practitioner who is believed to interact with a spirit world", and as any card carrying Christian knows, these practices are strictly forbidden and considered a portal to Satan himself. Can we all say “Captain Howdy”? On second thought, let’s not (if you don’t get the reference, google The Exorcist). D’Andra is justifiably calling out Brandi on her hypocrisy; siting last season’s foray into the supernatural when Brandi took the girls to a haunted house. D’Andra even adds that it was SHE who covrered up a Oija board that was placed on the table, obviously for “effect” (again, paging Captain Howdy).



By the way, throughout this kiki, host Danny can’t help himself from inserting his utter disgust for the (Conservative) woman of Dallas in general, but he is particularly triggered when the conversation turns to Tiffany Moon, and what he insinuates is total racism, with Brandi leading the brigade. Together, they point out what hypocrites the women are for criticizing Tiffany’s goache behavior; that is bragging about her (gorgeous) home, more specifically, her closet and insanely expensive toilets.  D'Andra is quick to point out that all the women are all being paid to "pour on the wealth" whenever possible.  She does have a point. 


What I found particularly interesting was D’Andra’s revelation that the cast has not warmed up to Tiffany, and at the time of this interview, had actually iced HER out, apparently for even defending Tiffany.  In fact, they are not answering D'Andra's texts or phone calls, and have committed the Cardinal sin of not even wishing her a Happy Birthday, which incidentally, was the day of this interview (insert the hanky here).


The drama continues tonight as The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Tuesdays on Bravo at 8:00pm (central time). What do you think, is Brandi and the other women being hypocrites? Sound off below!