Real Housewives: Second Generation


The dorter of Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Jacqueline Laurita, Ashlee Malleo and I have a show idea that could be Bravo’s next big hit.  Ashlee is telling tells Page Six that she’d like to shoot “a nice little spinoff” focusing on the lives of the Jersey women's offspring.


“I think that’d be fun!” she noted, adding that she would love the show to feature her cousins Albie, Lauren, and Chris Manzo, who are the adult children of OG Housewife Caroline Manzo. “I’m definitely closest with Al, but I’m close with all of them, for sure,” she admits. On top of that, Ashlee would also love to see Dolores Catania‘s daughter, Gabby Catania, join the hypothetical show. “She is just a rock star. I love her,” Ashlee says of the 27-year-old veterinarian. “She has such a big heart.”


Ashlee admits she doesn’t have a relationship with any of the Giudice girls, but gushes over what amazing young women they have become.  Um ... ok.  “I obviously see things online, and I get updates from my mom, too,” she explains. “They’re all doing really great things. I’ve always said, like, even when my mom and Teresa were at their worst, the trajectory those girls could’ve been on, given the situations that they were in, I think it’s incredible.”


Ashlee says she would actually like to see her show idea extend to ALL the Housewives franchises because “All of the kids now are older and doing pretty cool things . . . I mean, hey, Andy knows how to reach me!”


As for whether or not she’d ever join the RHONJ cast as a Housewife, Ashlee says she’s not sure she fits the mold. “The reality is, like, I don’t live in a McMansion,” Ashlee shares. “I have a two-bedroom apartment, but if they wanted to pay me, I could like use that, I’m sure, to buy a nice little house!” she notes. 


Ashlee then she realizes that RHONJ newbie Rachel Fuda is a year younger than her. “I would never say no to that paycheck! Like, are you joking?”  Fer sure!  The girl genius admits that she’d be open to a “friend of” role as well.  As if!~


Yours truly has been pitching this idea for years, athough I would expand on the concept, and do a "Real Housewives:  Ultimate Daughter's Trip" sort of thing.  No offense to the Jersey offspring, but they wouldn't be able to carry a show.   See Exhibit A:  Manzoed With Children.