Three Steps Forward, Ten Steps Back



By now, most people have probably heard about the gay (activist) couple’s horrifying alleged crimes on their adopted children.  The journalist who broke the story revealed more details regarding their crime operation and co-conspirators.


On Tuesday,’s Mia Cathell released the first part off her investigative findings regarding the alleged hell William Dale Zulock, Jr. and Zachary Jacoby Zulock put their adopted sons through. Not only did they allegedly rape the young boys on a regular basis, but they are accused of pimping them out to nearby pedophiles in the Atlanta area.


Cathell’s second chapter in her investigation focuses on William and Zachary’s known co-conspirators, Hunter Clay Lawless and Luis Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez and whether William and Zachary could face federal charges. She also reveals there are more individuals being investigated by Georgia state authorities to determine their involvement in William and Zachary’s alleged pedophile ring. The Gateway Pundit previously reported that both men were accused of making porn with the children. Thankfully, the children were rescued and taken by officials.


Cathell’s Twitter thread details the involvement of accused co-conspirators, Lawless and Vizcarro-Sanchez, noting that there are several other individuals under investigation by Geoegia authorities as potential co-conspirators.  She first notes that Zachary confessed in a recorded police interview to sending child pornographic material, which is illegal under federal law, of his adopted children’s sexual abuse to “less than a dozen people.” Not only is he admitting to a federal offense, but his admission alone also expands the number of potential co-conspirators in his and William’s alleged pedophile ring.



But on to lighter subjects.  Nobody asked for this. There was not one single person in the world who was looking at the scope of reality television offerings across the world and thought to themselves, “You know what we really need? A show about six conceited gay men talking about how great they are, nonstop, for an hour.” Yet, that’s exactly what has been forced upon us with MTV’s newest show, The Real Friends of WeHo, which premiered Friday. 


Scheduling this shit show on Friday night, right after RuPaul’s Drag Race, was no accident; MTV is obviously trying to create a "gay destination night."  The decision has  resulted in an outpouring of gasps! from Drag Race fans, already upset that that their cherished Drag Race has been cut down to just one hour, and the ratings then spoke for themselves.  Drag Race viewership dropped down into the 500K's and the RFOW drew like 180K viewers.  Suffice to say, this one will be lucky if the entire full whopping 8 episode-season ever sees the light of day. 


I actually approached this inside look behind the rainbow sparkly gates of West Hollywood with an open mind, but unfortunately, The Real (fake) Friends of WeHo stinks worse than the dumpster behind The Abbey after jockstrap night. The show is choppy and all over the place,  falsely assuming that its audience has any interest in a swishy circle of friends acquaintances who were thrown together at the last second.


These "real friends" are about as real of friends as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, sans the bitchy fun.  The show is comprised of not-so-familiar faces, like Rachel Zoe's discarded sidekick Brad Goreski, some unknown actor named Curtis Hamilton, "CEO/founder" of some product called Buttah Skin, Dorión Renaud, Todrick Hall, choreographer and deadbeat renter Todrick Hall, internet "influencer" (whatever that is), Joey Zauzig.  Rounding out this friend group is some guy names Jaymes Vaughan, who is the husband of actor Jonathan Bennett, whom you may remember from Mean Girls.


The premiere opens with a voiceover of Brad telling viewers that this show is breaking new ground.  “I might not directly know exactly who the people are, but I know people, who know people, who know people.”  The show work overtime trying to portray Todrick as the villain, and for good reason.  Not only has he been recently ordered to pay back $100K in unpaid rent for his WeHo home, but he’s also been accused of not paying the dancers who have worked closely with him in his career.   Todrick clearly sees himself as the star, but to be fair, each member of the cast is clearly consumed with their own delusions of grandeur.